Communication with political parties following letter handler group

Political parties' reactions to the letter from the group of 20 mental health practitioners on the 'severely underwhelming' Hendriks committee report

Aline Terpstra, 29 April 2023

The group of 20 mental health practitioners wrote the entire second chamber a letter following the Hendriks Committee report, containing their findings and objections to the report. In that letter, they speak of a "severely underwhelming and half-hearted" report. The group therefore asks for a second opinion. In her view, this can provide a wealth of information on the basis of which recommendations can be made that make a real difference.

Apart from automatic responses, the group of mental health practitioners received a response from only 3 MPs. The other 147 MPs did not respond, nor did the youth parties and party offices that were written to. Mr Ceder and Ms Bikker also did not respond, despite a personal email to them referring to a repeated promise of conversation. Very disappointing because, after all, 150 people's representatives voted in favour of independent investigations into organised sadistic abuse. In our opinion, any sincere reader of the Hendriks Commission report can see for themselves that this report is far from independent and, in addition, of poor quality. Whoever says 'A' must say 'B'. If you ask for an independent report and it does not come, the only logical step is an independent second opinion.

We are still waiting for the report to be discussed in the Justice and Security Committee and for the Cabinet response following the report. In the run-up to that, we as 'Friends of Esthers' call on our readers to question political parties and MPs very critically about their choices on this vital issue. Vital for survivors and vital for the rule of law.

Below you can take note of correspondence with

Ms Mirjam Bikker (CU)

Mr Don Cedar (CU)

Mr Michiel van Nispen (SP)

Mr Kees van der Staaij (SGP)

Mr van Meijeren responded verbally and said he takes the treatment letter very seriously.

Here you can take note of the reactions of political parties to the earlier fire letter (2021) from the group of mental health practitioners.