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As an independent psychologist, I, Aline Terpstra, do not have opportunities to help new helpers with DIS and/or a background of srm. Therefore, I have gathered around me a group of trusted people, 'Friends of Esthers'. Together, we are developing ways to help more survivors. On the site you will find more information about our vision and working methods.

However, due to too many applications, unfortunately, at 'Friends of Esthers' there is currently a registration freeze. We are working hard to expand our capabilities. Keep an eye on our site, when the sign-up stop is lifted you can send us a message via the contact form below if you would like help.

Do you want to help with time or money?

If you would like to get involved in a practical way to help survivors of this horrific abuse break free, please visit the Friends of Esthers site, Here you can read about our initiative and how you might be able to contribute to it. You can also sign up for more information on this via that website. 

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Sign up for the newsletter or prayer letter via the contact form at

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You can use the form below to ask a question or leave a comment about this website. Your question will be forwarded to the Friends of Esthers team. Your questions and reactions help us to improve this website. However, our available time is limited. We cannot always respond to every question or comment. However, they are all read and, where possible and useful, perhaps incorporated into a subsequent article.

Last updated on 18 March 2023

    The contact form only works in Dutch, please use this link.