Correspondence with LEBZ investigation committee

Email from Aline Terpstra: Research tasks and task performance LEBZ

8/5/2022 12:21 PM

Aline Terpstra

To  Jacco Snippe 

Dear Mr Snippe,

As you may know, I have, together with a group of 20 mental health practitioners, made a case for a truly independent investigation into both the LEBZ and organised sadistic child abuse. To this end, we have sent several letters to the Lower House, which you can read at

You can read in these letters that the independence of the judiciary is a necessary condition for both investigations. For many reasons, survivors do not trust the Justice Department and some of them, including the part we represent, will not dare to speak to a committee that has links, direct or indirect, with the Justice Department.

If I understand correctly, the Ministry of Justice commissioned the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) to carry out research into the LEBZ and the WODC passed this task on to your office. This means that, unfortunately, your investigation cannot be called independent. The same applies to your committee as to the Hendriks committee (see, namely that, after weighing up the safety risks for clients on the one hand and the chance of doing some good on the other, I consider it irresponsible to enter into discussions with you about information originating from clients (and therefore traceable to them).

Kind regards,

Aline Terpstra

Ms. Aline Terpstra-van Hijum,
GP Psychologist
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On July 21, 2022 at 1:19 PM Jacco Snippe <> wrote:

Dear Aline Terpstra,

Commissioned by the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC) of the Ministry of Justice and Security, we are conducting research into the tasks and performance of the LEBZ. One of the people I am in contact with is XXX (text removed by AT). She gave me your email address. For our research we would like to speak to some therapists of victims of sex crimes. We would like to know about their experiences with the LEBZ. Can I call you about this?

Kind regards,

Jacco Snippe /