An army of Gideons

Prayer letter on satanic ritual abuse

December 2021 no.2
The Biblical Gideon was a man chosen by God to deliver a whole people.
He himself did not like his calling and had to be persuaded by God to accept his task. In the end, he faced an enemy force of tens of thousands with a small army of 300.
Because God was on his side, this small army overcame the over-powerful enemy. For God can deliver as well through a few as through many.

What He could do then, He can do now.
Bible: Judges 6-8, 1 Samuel 14:6   

James 5:16
"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and does not miss its effect."
Sits alone
In your home
In the dark
And the cold
There is no one
Who knows
No one who sees
No one reaching out to you
Too complicated
Someone who does not just
Can be sociable and happy
Around these days
For you it is
Rather a hell
Blood is flowing
Little children are dying
Your child too
The loneliness
Is not digestible
You feel sick
Who cares about you?
Who hears your crying?
Who stays with you
When you can't say anything anymore
Who wants to know?

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement 
in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the chains 
of satanic ritual abuse.
In addition, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society.
So that gradually a network of passionate people is created that offers spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully offenders) who choose freedom.

Words guided by God's Spirit:
our offensive weapon in the spiritual battle

Every prayer and word that we speak led by the Spirit is our weapon of attack in the spiritual battle (for further explanation see here). Through these words we can break down strongholds of satan and set (his) prisoners free in Jesus' name. We may ask Jesus to let His light shine in the darkness and we may proclaim deliverance and life in His name over all the people satan is trying to keep prisoner. And we may thank Him that He is the one who saves.        

For whom and by whom?

This prayer letter is intended for every Christian who wants to join in prayer on the basis of good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to get out of this cult and to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has wrestled herself free from the grip of this cult. 

In the previous letter some victims told something in a more general sense about what it means to grow up in a satanic cult. In this letter Marleen (pseudonym) and Christa (pseudonym) tell about their experiences in the cult around Christmas. Carla Hamoen tells from her long experience of helping survivors, about loneliness, especially in these times. Some words are linked, by clicking you will get access to more information. At the bottom of this letter a number of concrete general and personal prayer points and a list of church customs around Christmas, which for many victims can also be triggers, bringing them back to memories in the cult. Good to be aware of when we sing together, for example, Glory to God!

Christa says: Christmas in the cult - a feast of darkness

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and His coming to bring salvation. It is a feast of light. But in the cult, it is a celebration of darkness. It is a feast where Satan is worshipped and adored, including sexual rites and child sacrifices. Sacrifices of babies and very young children. Sacrifices in which other (often young) victims are forced into perpetration. Sacrifices in which the mothers of the children are too often forced to kill their own child.

The blame for these murders is placed on the victim-perpetrators: after all, it was their hands that committed the murders. Also, during these days, victims experience an intense inner struggle to go back to the cult, because they have learned this under torture (click here for a brief explanation of how this programmed DIS works). 

Prayer is therefore needed for protection and steadfastness of victims who are trying to fight their way out of the cult, for deliverance and healing for them and for a personal encounter with Yeshua, so that they can get to know Him as He really is. 

M. tells: In the middle of the winter night

The shopping streets are busy looking for Saint Nicholas and Christmas presents. We eat peppermints and the land is filled with lights in all shapes and sizes. The December holiday season is here...

I remember the Christmas tree at home. How I sat down on the floor in front of the tree and held a Christmas lamp close to my eyes. Within a few moments, the light changed into another world, a land far away from here where time and place no longer existed. My way of disappearing...

I disappeared from the festive month. For where for many December meant at least gingerbread cookies and Christmas wreaths, for me this month was all about cold, chilly, dark winter nights where I had to participate in satanic rituals.

We know that Satan is an imitator, he reverses everything. The inverted cross that is a symbol of Satanism is an example of this. In the same way, Christmas, the birth of Jesus, is turned upside down into a satanic sacrificial ritual in which children and babies are sacrificed.

As I write this, my stomach turns. I was there. I saw, I heard... I had to be there. Chilling screams, and an atmosphere that I cannot describe as pure death were there. "Baby Jesus is dead" they said. It was a kind of cleansing ritual. The blood was collected and drunk.

Ice-cold, chilly, empty, silent, dark...

And then it was morning again. Peppernuts, Christmas sweets, music, party atmosphere... and the Christmas tree, with its lights, through which I could disappear into another world, where neither time nor place existed. There, in the nothingness of a dissociative unconsciousness, I consoled myself, forgot, and went on surviving, until the next winter night...

2021, December has come again. In recent years, I have reappropriated Christmas as it was originally intended by God. I celebrate the birth of Jesus, often against the odds because of all the memories that involuntarily surface. But I will celebrate, celebrate life, celebrate His life. He is my hope of dispelling those cold, chilly winter nights forever.

Once He makes all things new again, Jesus
Once He heals every wound
All the old world disappears
Beyond the pain
(Rev. 818)

Carla talks about loneliness at Christmas

There is much loneliness among survivors of ritual abuse these days. So few people know about their past, or sometimes present, in a world of abuse. So far too few people also stop to think about how incredibly difficult and dark and lonely these days often are for them.

For many people who grew up with trauma, these days are tough. You just have to have good people or a nice family around you, otherwise the mask you have to put on during such days is already so isolating. Let alone when you have experienced ritual abuse, which usually goes from generation to generation, and therefore involves one or more people from your family of origin. The horrific memories that are forced upon them, and the isolation in which survivors often live, because they have no family and there are few people with whom you can share these things, make the loneliness sometimes unbearable.

Will you pray that loneliness and isolation will be broken through? That more people dare to open their hearts to these survivors, these precious pearls with so much brokenness but also so much strength? 

Christmas triggers in the church

For survivors of satanic abuse, it is often difficult to be present in a church service. Certain language and symbols bring to mind all kinds of memories from the world of the cult. Around Christmas there are all kinds of specific triggers, some of which are mentioned below, in this link you can find a little more explanation on this:

- Advent (a time of preparation for Christmas in the cult as well)
- Lighting the Advent candles
- Candles in the aisles, on the squares, etc.
- Glory be to God
- The story of the infanticide in Bethlehem

Concrete prayer points


For blessing the release and recovery processes of victims who are trying to fight their way out of the cult.

For awareness in churches and communities of the existence of these satanic practices, so that victims dare to come forward and, with the help of a solid network of trustworthy people, dare to step out.

Many survivors of ritual abuse suffer from triggers such as compulsory mouth guards (no talking, masks), social pressure to be vaccinated (forced injections to induce childbirth, among other things), having to prove that you are good enough by showing a QR code and many more. Pray for them.

Many victims are very lonely, especially around the holidays, because they have virtually no one to share their concerns with. And many therapists are less available these days. Pray for people around them, who will do their best to understand them.

Many victims are attacked by cult members when they go out, e.g. by cars following them. Pray for protection.

God's word tells us: do not take part in the unfruitful practices of darkness, rather expose them (Ephesians 5:11): Pray that crimes of satanic network will be exposed on national and international level.

Last year, a motion was passed in the Lower House requesting independent investigation into organised sadistic abuse. Following this, the Ministry of Justice set up a committee. This commission is not trusted by many victims, because it is not independent of Justice and many victims also tell about abuse by the top of Justice, for more info see this item.

Gideon van Meijeren has submitted a new motion for an enquiry independent of Justice. This will be put to a roll-call vote by the people's representatives next week. Pray that those of good will will see why this is essential and that this motion will be adopted.

Protection of volunteers and therapists who help these victims.

There are far too few therapists available. Without therapy and trauma processing, getting out is not possible. Pray for more therapists who are willing to do this.

Safe places to accommodate people who want to get out

For persons

Christa is now in a safe place and has started to process her traumas. Pray for a good working relationship with her therapist, for perseverance, courage, strength and safety and for the growth of healthy new relationships.

For Jan an older toddler showing signs of severe abuse with possible signs of organised abuse. Pray for the compulsory family visit, which is very upsetting for Jan: that his family turns to know Jeshua and Jan may come to recovery. And ask God for courage for Jan, that he continues to show/tell what he has been through.

For Esther, who in recent months took the very brave step of sharing a piece of her life in an interview with anyone willing to hear it. Pray that she will endure and continue to grow, and pray for her safety and the safety of those around her.

For Mirthe, who is under treatment with a therapist. Pray for distinction with whom she interacts, her therapist wonders if some people from her support network might also be involved in the cult and draw her back into it. Mirthe is often haunted, but it is still unclear whether parts of her also go back to the cult 'on her own', as a result of programming. Pray that this will come to light and pray for her safety.

For M, that it remains safe. December is often a trigger for 'them' to contact you again.

On certain days

In addition to the usual dates of e.g. the full moon, the new moon, Fridays the 13eIn the coming months, the following dates can be regarded as cult days. It is mostly about the night in which this day begins. Information is mostly from survivors we know, concerns the Dutch situation, and may be incomplete. The most difficult days are briefly explained. 

3 to 5 December
14 December
21/22 December
23, 24, 25 December; demonic heyday with orgies and sexual rituals, sexual intercourse with demons, animal and human sacrifices. Many victims experience Christmas as the second heaviest cult celebration after Halloween.
30 December to 1 January
6 January
13 January satanic new year
17-27 January
2 February
14 February

Thank you for your prayers!

Carla, Esther & Aline

For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see among other things
Documentary 'shards of glass and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020
Documentary 'the story of Lisa', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018
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