An army of Gideons

Prayer letter on satanic ritual abuse

March 2022, No. 3

The Biblical Gideon was a man chosen by God to deliver a whole people.
He himself did not like his calling and had to be persuaded by God to accept his task. In the end, he faced an enemy force of tens of thousands with a small army of 300.
Because it was God's battle, and Gideon carried it out in God's way, this small army overcame the over-powerful enemy. For God can deliver as well through the few as through the many.
What He could do then, He can do now.
Bible: Judges 6-8, 1 Samuel 14:6 

1 John 3:8 

"The Son of God appeared precisely to undo the work of the devil." 

Song Before the throne of God above 


The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse. 

Besides, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society. So that gradually a network of passionate people is created that offers spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully offenders) who choose for freedom. 

Easter: Resurrection power in a dark world 

Easter turns the world upside down. We celebrate the resurrection power of Jesus, right through Satan's evil plans to rob, steal and slaughter. Satan's goal is to completely destroy everything that is good and comes from God. God's goal is to give a life of abundance to everyone who chooses to live in connection with Him.  

We can participate in this resurrection power, but only if we first share in His suffering (e.g. Matt. 10:34-39). Losing our lives, crucifying selfish desires in ourselves, giving up our comfort when asked to follow Him, standing firm in persecution, learning to love generously. Jesus is described as 'a man of sorrows, acquainted with sickness, yes as one from whom one hides one's face'. Jesus, someone you look away from. Too much suffering. Too much illness. Too much risk. Too black and white. Jesus, who himself does not look away but suddenly appears to be present in the most horrible suffering.   

In this prayer letter, Maddy takes us through what her life was like around Easter. Esther shares with us how she was commissioned to deceive Christian leaders. Esther and Maddy, two survivors of satanic ritual abuse. Ordinary Dutch women who could be living in your street. Who might have been the child (m/f) who lived next door or sat behind you at school. Not far away, but so close.  

We invite you, in imitation of Jesus, to open your ears and your heart. Do not look away. Come closer. And join us in prayer.             

Maddy tells: Good Friday and Easter in the cult 

Good Friday, the important day when we remember that Jesus voluntarily gave His life, knowing that He was also made alive to overcome death. But in the hidden satanic world, all kinds of rituals are being performed at this time, and people who hear about them immediately shut themselves off from them. "They say, "That is not happening! But on this night people are sacrificed in different ways, mostly on a reversed cross. A reversed counter-ritual for the evil power. And possibly also young lives .... Depending on how the group in question organises the ritual. Anyway, many (young) girls will get pregnant for the sacrifice of Halloween and Christmas. 

Good Friday? Easter? 

Everyone sees it as a holiday. 

I see it as horrible days. 

No party. The images are constantly forcing themselves on you. 

Everywhere you go and look, you are confronted with your past. 

You don't want to think about it, but you have to. 

Because running away is not possible. 

I look at my past, as many as 1000 pieces lie on the floor. 

I am trying to make the puzzle. 

Never before have I experienced these days so consciously. 

Aware of my own DIS and aware of my past. 

I feel a lot more emotions, I feel a lot of pain, sadness, anger, frustration... 

I don't know what to do or not to do today and these days, my head is spinning. 

I must behave like a grown-up, I must, I must, I must......... 

I have to stay here, I cannot and must not drown in my past. 

I must not think... 

I must not feel.... 

I have to give myself structure... 

I have to do it myself today... 

I am not allowed to ask for help.... 

Stupid days...... 

I don't want to eat... don't want to think about eating... 

But I have to... 

Don't think.....Don't feel..... 

Making lists of what to do... 

But my body doesn't want to, my head doesn't want to. 

Feels like there's a heavy block of concrete on me... 

This is how Good Friday and Easter feels to me, after years of growing up in a cult.... from my babyhood until I was 16 years old. And for the last few years I have really been free of the cult.... Because a lot of things just went on in my adult life.... contacts that were unhealthy and thus affected my health. I had fled the cult when I was 16, but I was not really free. For years I was sexually abused, raped, traded as a whore and tortured..... Being dressed up as if you were a sex toy. Being hunted down like a piece of game, running naked in the woods, hiding and hoping you weren't found.... Year after year, my little children's feet ran over branches and spikes without feeling them because the other pain was worse... if they got you. 

How I am doing now... I am doing much better because of the right help I get from friends and my therapist. I now understand my inner world better... My parts of the personality are allowed to be there and tell what they have experienced. Because of this I can do what I want to do on Good Friday and Easter and I am no longer determined by the past. 

Esther tells about the reality of spiritual battle  

The satanic cult knows the spiritual world very well, and they also train people in it. Taken by the hand of demons, the cult tries to gain more and more ground. They want to control the world, so satan has more room to move. And so his plan will be executed, not the plan of Yeshua. 

For example, when the cult wants to win people over, they use entrances into people's minds. When there is sin in a person's life, demons are free to have an influence in the person's mind, then they can hook in and claim a place. Entrances for this can come from sin, for example, but it can also be that there are already demons in someone to whom they can attach themselves.  

The piece where the demon can reside is a piece of captivity. Thus a person's soul can be partly captive and partly free. This is what sometimes makes it so complicated in the churches when our own brothers and sisters do worship God and truly seek Him with longing, but where imprisonment is also evident in their reactions, behaviour or lives.  

The cult knows that when they move and do things in the spiritual world, they also bring change to the physical world. They bend the world to their will by premeditated actions. Sin in a human life is an open gate for people of the cult who have a mission to destroy someone's life. Let me give you an example. We should know what we are fighting against, against authorities and powers, not against flesh and blood, the Bible says. 

I learned to step out of my body. Through 'flying', as many people call it, I went to 'visit' people. I could find their weak spots simply by observing them. Whenever I entered a house in the spirit (premeditated, because in this case the man was our target, pre-arranged in the cult) I observed the characters of him and his housemates. Soon the weak spots were clear. A marital quarrel was an entrance for sending an e-mail with a porn picture to the man and the entrance was made. I told the cult that the man sometimes sat alone at his computer and I reported when he had a quarrel with his wife. On that night they had to send an e-mail, then there was an entrance. I saw the man sitting at his computer angry, his wife had gone to bed angry. They had not made up. The argument was about money the wife had spent and he did not agree. I saw bitterness in his mind and wanted to trigger it, but that was not possible because he was not yet bound. When the email arrived and he opened it, he was shocked. He clicked it away, thought about it and opened it again. He looked carefully. I saw how his mind was opening up to lust and the moment I, as a departed spirit, started to get at his trousers, he started to google porn. The feeling I gave him by my presence, even though he didn't see me, would be my anchor when I would see him again in real life. I knew his entrance. Mental. 

Then we worshipped in the satanic assembly. Satan and demons were abundantly present. The more there were, the more presence of power you experienced and the easier it was to go along with thoughts that belonged to the darkness. With the man in mind, we cursed him. We paved the way for even more griping, even more misery in this man's life. 

The man who had opened the porno plate and had not distanced himself from it had an opening. He was a well-known preacher and the next day he spoke at a conference. A Christian conference. I was standing at the back of the room and instead of worshipping with the Christians who were there, I was calling on Satan and feeling the demons move in me. When I felt that it was not myself who was ruling in me, but satan, I made a connection with him by making eye contact. The moment we had eye contact, his sun moment from the moment of watching porn before was awakened. I could through my mind, which now had a line to him, give him the same feeling that first gave shame, but soon gave desire. Desire for more, the hook had been set in the opening. After the conference I had a chat with him. He did not recognise me when he looked at me, but I felt how my mind and his mind met and recognised each other from the moment before at the computer.  

And as we talked about the sermon, my mind connected even more with this man's mind. The advances I made came more and more, and when I felt that his mind was ready, I walked away. Wait a minute, he said. I am in the Bastion, room 235. I'll be there in an hour. Over an hour later I stood at his door. He was sorry, tried to get rid of me for a moment, but my preparation won out over his attempt to be stronger than his sin. I seduced him and after really binding him to me by drawing him into adultery, I left the hotel room. The sin entrance was complete and Satan could move on in his life. Repentance was (for most men I deceived in a similar way) too difficult. Captivity. This man went completely astray and then brought more and more false doctrine: satan had him in his power and he became a plaything of the darkness. 

Another time I had an assignment with a woman preacher. She was full of the Spirit of God and when she spoke it sometimes hurt me. Yet I believed in the power of darkness and went to her mini-conference prepared and in good spirits. 

As soon as she spoke a word that I could doubt, I would respond by giving her thoughts that would make her doubt for a moment. Mentally, I could see the authority with which she spoke the words and when there were gaps, I had my entrance and my moment to act. I could then act on this and lead the demons that were with me to the opening. 

The moment I attacked her mentally, I saw her fall silent. She stopped walking back and forth on the stage, suddenly looked at me intensely and spoke aloud to the demons that were in me. It felt like dagger stabs and my ears hurt. She took authority over this spiritual attack and I left the room defeated. She saw what I was doing and immediately took action with the authority she could take. She was so focused on Yeshua that I could not find an entrance where the hooks could stay. This is how we should live. 

This is a piece about how the cult works, how I also worked. During Easter there are specific curses pronounced on everything that is alive in the eyes of Yeshua. Death is confirmed and life is tried to destroy. Children are raped on an upside down cross, the curse on its head. A newborn baby is sacrificed and more.  

Easter is a spiritual battle in a spiritual world, of which we as Christians should be aware. Are we going to eat Easter eggs or are we going to worship Yeshua because He has conquered death, paid for our sins and put away our iniquity, so that we may and can remain very close to Him, under His protection, by grace. Only He is worthy to be exalted in truth and worship. To Him belongs all power, honour and glory. Do we give it to Him or to the darkness? 

Easter: Jesus victorious! 

Many people are not aware of the battle for their souls. A life and death struggle between God and his kingdom of love and life on the one hand, and Satan and his kingdom of destruction and darkness on the other. Esther's testimony shows us how serious this battle is fought from within the kingdom of darkness and how necessary it is to live a holy life in which sin of any kind has no place. Jesus shows us that it is possible, which is what we celebrate at Easter. Jesus broke the power of Satan and in union with Him it is possible to live in true freedom, love and joy.  

Esther's testimony shows how demonic powers can enable people to do things that God never intended for people. Esther learned very young in her life - through extreme torture - how to leave your body. It is reminiscent of the exits that many people with 'near death' experiences talk about. But Esther also learned how to go to other places as an exited spirit, with the help of dark powers. A reality known in new age and occult circles with terms like astral travel or astral projection.  

Also in the Bible we read that there are very special moments when God Himself or an angel takes someone 'in the spirit'. This happens, for example, to Ezekiel (chapter 8) and John (Rev 21:10). Ezekiel even has to do things in this capacity (8:8) and this also happens to John (Rev. 11:1,2). Apparently, 'travelling in the spirit' is possible with the help of God and his angels or with the help of Satan and his demons. It happened to John and Ezekiel, but they were not looking for it.  

The only good way to contact the spiritual world is through the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, which is the way God Himself has paved for us. God has expressly forbidden to make contact with the spiritual world by other means or to seek supernatural abilities, see e.g. Deuteronomy 18:9-11, 2 Chronicles 33:6 and Galatians 5:19-26. Those who do so become entangled in the wily and dark snares of Satan.  

In the days around Easter, let us fight together in prayer for victims and perpetrators who are still trapped in the deep darkness of the satanic cult. In the appendix you will find concrete prayer points. Take them to your prayer group, or if you don't have one, set one up. Even after Easter, there will be many cult nights and celebrations in the coming months. Be assured that your commitment to prayer will be used by God in this life-and-death struggle.   

PRAY FOR ...             

For Awareness-raising in churches and communities of the existence of these satanic practices, so that victims dare to come forward and, with the help of a solid network of trustworthy people, dare to come out.

Many survivors seek help, via Fragile Wing or via the website lichtopsrm. Pray that Jesus will open the right doors for them, even if people and resources fall short at this moment. Pray also for discernment and wisdom for us.

Pray for familiesthat are a house of light for survivors, where they are welcome and can feel safe. Pray that more families will come and take up this place in God's Kingdom.

There are far too few therapists available. Without therapy and trauma treatment, getting out is not possible. Pray for more therapists who want to train themselves in this and enter into this process from God's love.

Protection of volunteers and therapists that help these victims.

Safe places to accommodate people who want to get out.

For blessing on disengagement and recovery processes of victims who are trying to fight their way out of the cult.

Many victims are attacked by cult members when they go out, e.g. by cars following them. Pray for protection.

Many survivors of ritual abuse have a lot of suffer from triggers by all the pressure and coercive measures from the government, such as masks (not allowed to talk, masks), the pressure to be vaccinated (forced injections to provoke births, among other things), having to prove that you are good enough by showing a QR code, confusing communication about what is and what is not your responsibility (vaccinating is done for someone else) and much more. Pray for them.

God's word tells us: do not take part in the unfruitful practices of darkness, but rather denounce them (Ephesians 5:11): Pray that crimes of satanic network come to light on a national and international level.

Pray for the Fragile Wing Memorial Day in June and for the monument that Fragile Wing wants to realise for survivors of ritual abuse to remember their children and other loved ones and give recognition to their loss. Pray for finances. Pray for inspiration. And pray for a location for the monument.



Christa is going through a difficult period. Pray that she will hold on to Jeshua and light and truth will overcome. Pray also for everyone who is standing by her in any way.


Thank you very much for your prayers for Jan. He will get more support at school because of his problems. And there will be research that will hopefully help him even better. At the moment his functioning is severely hampered by very intense re-experiences. Please pray that he will be able to process his terrible experiences bit by bit, so that the re-experiences will diminish.


Thank God for Esther's steady growth. However, the threats and stalking by cult members are not abating. Pray for safety and protection. And for God's guidance in making the right choices at the right times. A song that means a lot to Esther and that she would like to share with you:


Thank God for the network of helpers that is forming around Mirthe. Pray that Mirthe and her therapist will add the right people to it, who are stable and strong enough to help her. Pray that Mirthe and her therapist will understand how to break free from the ways the cult keeps pulling her back into their grip, so she will be regularly abused and tortured. Pray that the underlying traumas will become clear. Pray for courage to face and process these traumas.


Ella writes: ''I think I would like very much to pray for connection. Connection with the parts, connection of parts with each other, connection of the body, and also connection in the sense that things I experience seem like separate islands, but also connection with DIS as a diagnosis. And a second is that I may find out why there are so many questions inside so that maybe that can become less and things may be more as they are."


Pray for survivor C, she still has cult loyal parts and parts that seek out situations of abuse, because they have been trained and programmed to do so. Pray for wisdom for the therapist. Pray that the punishment of parts that want out by parts that are still cult loyal will stop. Pray that the parts that seek these situations of abuse will be stopped and that contact with these parts will be possible. Pray that the main character, who is in constant reliving and also has programming to disappear, will come out of it and will be able to be present in the here and now to make her choices.


Prayer for survivor K. who is terribly lonely and also isolates himself through programming.


Pray for the steps E. is taking to go public with a website about trauma and recovery and her personal story. Pray for wisdom, peace and blessing of God in this process. Pray also for E.'s sister who is still with cult, and her child. And that her husband - as far as we know not involved in the cult - may start to notice what is happening to his wife.

Fixed days

In addition to the usual dates of e.g. the full moon, the new moon, Fridays the 13eIn the coming months, the following dates can be regarded as cult days. It is mostly about the night in which this day begins. Information is largely from survivors we know, concerns the Dutch situation, and may be incomplete. For each day a short explanation is given. 

→ 9 to 15 April Preparations Good Friday

→ 15 April Good Friday

→ 16-18 April Easter

→ 21-30 April

→ 30 April / 1 May Walpurgis Night;

In April/May, spring is "celebrated" in the cult. On Walpurgis Night, the ceremony is performed as a climax. Fertile girls are chosen who are 'chosen' to bear a child at Christmas. Special sacrifices, as an extra gift of sanctification.

→ 1 and 2 May Beltane

→ 4/5 May

→ 26 May Ascension

→ 5/6 June Pentecost

→ 21 to 23 June

→ 1 to 7 July

→ 20 to 27 July

→ 1 August

→ 3 August

Thank you for your prayers!

Carla, Esther & Aline

For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see among other things
Documentary 'shards of glass and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020
Documentary 'the story of Lisa', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018
Documentary, continuation of Lisa's story, Argos VPRO, Feb 2019    

For whom and by whom?
This prayer letter is intended for every Christian who wants to join in prayer on the basis of good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to get out of this cult and to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has wrestled herself free from the grip of this cult.