An army of Gideons

Prayer letter on satanic ritual abuse

August 2022, no. 4

The Biblical Gideon was a man chosen by God to deliver a whole people.
He himself did not like his calling and had to be persuaded by God to accept his task. In the end, he faced an enemy force of tens of thousands with a small army of 300.
Because it was God's battle, and Gideon carried it out in God's way, this small army overcame the over-powerful enemy. For God can deliver as well through the few as through the many.
What He could do then, He can do now.
Bible: Judges 6-8, 1 Samuel 14:6 

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse. 

Besides, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society. So that gradually a network of passionate people is created that offers spiritual and practical support to victims (and hopefully offenders) who choose for freedom. 

Luke 10:33

"He saw him, and cared deeply about him".

Compassion (by Aline)

It is written about the Good Samaritan. A well-known Bible story. What distinguished this man from the other passers-by, the priest and the Levite? In any case this: the Samaritan allowed himself to be deeply touched by the pain of the abused man. His heart was different from the hearts of the other two. Only when he came closer did he see how serious the man's condition was.

When I read this Bible passage again recently, I saw in it a parallel with survivors of satanic ritual abuse. Some of them share with us some of their wounds. But we only see the seriousness of it when we come closer. And it is so much easier to pass by the other side.

The fact that you are reading this prayer letter probably means that you are prepared to be touched by the suffering of survivors of satanic ritual abuse. In this prayer letter, therefore, you will get a glimpse from various angles of what the holiday season is like for them. You will read about how Christians are rising up who also want to give their time during cult nights to seek God's justice and help for survivors and victims. If you would like to set up a similar group or prayer chain to pray during cult nights, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via the new website, which explains how anyone with a warm and caring heart can contribute to the recovery process of survivors.

Through prayer, God has given us the opportunity to have a real impact. To change people's lives and the world around us for the better. Let us use that weapon to the full. In the attachment to this mail you will find the prayer points for the coming months.

Survivors of srm on holiday

Holidays are a very traumatic time for many survivors because in the past they often meant free access to the cult. But even if survivors have left and no longer go to the cult, the holiday period often causes a feeling of insecurity and isolation because of the absence of therapists and other support persons. It is our experience that very often bad things happen during this period. Cult related, family related (which in many cases is also cult related) or otherwise. Below is an impression of what the word 'holiday' evokes, from the perspective of three survivors.

Vacation (by Rachel)

How can I even start to explain...
That vacation to me means danger?
Always did, since the moment I could give it suits
But even before that.
Danger, for someone, child or adult
Would not return home
Danger for mama would have all her time with me
Danger for vacations means cult time, rituals time, prison time
Time of hurt, dear and losses.
Vacation time means people not returning home

People dying all of the sudden
People mysteriously not coming home.

Vacation means danger

Holiday (by Esther)

We are going on holiday. A black car picks me up at the airport in the country of my destination. The door is held open and I get in. I am used to it by now. Via detours and motels, I arrive at the cabin in the woods. I become deathly ill even before I get out of the car. The house of horror with only a few people with a lot of power. Several days of torture, hoping to get out alive, or would I rather die right away.

After two days, I am not feeling well. My still young body is full of bruises, the loss of blood is increasing and without food and drink, you become exhausted. The men have not finished celebrating. My body parts have learned who takes over when in order to keep going.

I am picked up and brought to the white house. The torture house. Electrodes are attached to my head and limbs and after each electric shock I see a series of pictures. I repeat: Airplane, swimming pool, ice cream, beach, dancing, aeroplane, swimming pool, ice cream, beach.... After each approved sentence, a word and a picture appear and so my holiday experience becomes a reality in my head.

When we arrive at Schiphol Airport and people ask how it was, I tell them nicely that I ate a lot of ice cream and swam in that beautiful blue pool. I can see it in the pictures of the white house. I'm almost starting to believe it myself...... but what a relief it is that I can tell this story and no one will ask about my bruises and extreme tiredness..... My holiday!

Holiday time (by Ella)

On the one hand, it is nice that the weather is nice, windows and doors can be opened and going outside is a lot easier because it is often more dry in the summer months. The difficult thing about holidays is that the trusted people around you, caregivers but also friends, are not there for a period of time and therefore it feels more lonely. Going on holiday myself is a challenge and often I don't succeed. The fear of leaving the familiar surroundings behind is too great, it feels too uncertain to go elsewhere and because of a lack of energy, driving for long distances is not feasible at the moment. And being away from home often makes one lonelier because the familiar people seem far away. So I have to weigh up whether what I would like to do is fun enough to be disrupted. Like many things in daily life.

Praying for survivors on cult nights
Cult nights are an uphill battle for many survivors who are trying to get out of the horrific cult world. Some survivors are stalked by cult perpetrators prior to these nights, physically as well as by email, post or phone. Through all manner of trauma triggers, cult perpetrators try to bring out a part of the personality that has not yet processed as much and is therefore not as strong. The aim is to get that part of the person to take over the body on the night of the cult, so that the person comes after all. If that doesn't work, then on the night itself there are the mental attacks and also the memories, which often force their way in. In addition, many survivors live alone. Some are lucky enough to have some friends who know about satanic ritual abuse. These can support them in prayer this night, or also - if the pressure is too great - come and sleep for a night or two to ensure their safety. We also hear of groups of people around the country who pray together on (some) cult nights for survivors. This is a very powerful thing that makes a difference to both survivors and victims who are still present on cult nights! Below you can read the report of 'Inge' who leads such a group.  

Praying together on Walpurgis Night
(by Inge)
"During Walpurgis Night, we prayed with a group of people from 0.00 to 4.00 because we believe that a righteous person's powerful prayer accomplishes much, as it says in James 5:16. It also says in Proverbs 24:11 and 12: "Save those who are caught up to die, woe to you if you turn away from those who stagger to slaughter. When you say, Behold, we have not known, will not He Who tests the hearts notice? He Who watches your soul, will He not know? After all, He will repay a man according to his works." When we hear or read the horrific stories of victims of srm, it is beyond our imagination. But once we have heard of them, we would like to do something for them, wouldn't we? And as the above Bible text says, we can no longer say we did not know. That is why we are so happy with the prayer letters from lightopsrm because now we can pray specifically for the prayer points mentioned in them. Before the Walpurgis Night, we had received prayer points from the people of lichtopsrm. This gave us insight into what takes place in the cults during this night. We prayed together, struggled, proclaimed, sang, read from God's Word and celebrated Holy Communion. We cried out to the Lord if He would come into the darkness with His Light and expose the unfruitful works of darkness, that He will reveal all that is happening in the darkness. Among other things, we prayed that the victims would feel that there is a God who is bigger and stronger than evil. And that God would disrupt the rituals and that the victims would become invisible. We don't know what our prayers have worked out and will work out and we don't have to, our Lord knows. For us, it is special that we can contribute in this way to help victims of srm." We would love to hear from you if, like Inge, you would like to be meaningful in this way. We look forward to seeing groups like this springing up all over our country and would be happy to help you along the way!  

It's not over yet, but once the summer holidays are over, it's off to Halloween. The cult celebration that many survivors fear the most, just like Christmas and Walpurgis Night. Below you can read what a survivor experiences when thinking about Halloween:

Halloween (by Mara)  
So many lives
Just picked
As if they were nothing
The little ones
Their lives have barely begun
The somewhat larger
Dreaming of the future
Just snatched away
To the delight of powerful worshippers

For a game
A game, which will not be a game
But goes on Life and Death

That they may be pure and clean
Each of the members is given the time
But the smallest
And sometimes the slightly less small
Laying on the altar
Or the rock
Or the sacrificial block
The knife cuts
Blood is collected
The knife sticks
The heart, that little heart on a plate.
Then that stroke, you lie open
Even your insides are preserved.
Then you disappear into the fire
And the next one is up

Picked, trampled on the ground,
And discarded
Where have I heard these words before?

Oh Lord Yeshua
Capture these destroyed souls
Up in Your arms
And make them whole

Have mercy with a gentle hand
About the children
Who are still alive after these evenings
But more than being broken
And have fallen even further apart
You know their core
And every part
But for now,
Come with Your Peace

Let Mara's testimony inspire us to passionate and persistent prayer to the God who lives. His eyes go over all the earth, to powerfully assist every one whose heart is completely set on Him (2 Chronicles 16:9)  

New website
The site has already been mentioned a few times, This site explains how ordinary people can make a world of difference in the life of a survivor. Take a look, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping out, but feedback is also welcome!

Answers to prayer
Thank you for your prayers! Before sharing with you the prayer points, we would like to share with you some answers to prayer below:
In the previous prayer letter we asked Prayer for the Fragile Wing Remembrance Day. We can now report that we had a very beautiful, moving and intense day of remembrance, with around 30 people in attendance. In addition, there were around 50 people from all over the world who watched via the livestream. There was room for everyone's grief, and also creative ways to express and commemorate the loss, each in his or her own way. We said out loud the names of the many children and loved ones who died, around 300 names. This is always a very intensive thing to do. And goes very deep, but is also so good to do.
There were several contributions from survivors and supporters, which resonated deeply with those present. On the Facebook page of Fragile Wing (@TheFragileWing) you can read some pieces from people who shared how they experienced it. The costs have been fully covered.
In addition, Fragile Wing is working to realise a permanent monument for the victims of satanic ritual abuse. Artist Kees Huigen is working on this. The bill for his work has also been paid in full from donations. For more information, please visit the facebook page of Fragile Wing.
We asked prayer for Awareness-raising in churches and communities. We are now allowed to build relationships with some warm-hearted people who want to help. With the help of some of them, the new site got off the ground.
Survivors know how to find their way to usSome show great courage and perseverance in doing so. Perseverance despite enormous pressure is also necessary, because the cult does not let anyone go.
There are increasing signs that People pray for SRM. We are very grateful for this!
Pray that we may be preserved from foul spirits and evil men, for faithfulness is not found in all (2 Thess. 3:2).

Pray for survivors during the holiday seasonHoliday means that survivors often get disturbed because therapists and networkers are on holiday and a different rhythm arises (see prayer letter). Also, there are so many triggers in life that going on holiday is impossible - or very difficult. Pray that during this period there will be no loneliness for survivors, but that there will be extra people around them who see what they need.

For further Awareness-raising in churches and communities of the existence of these satanic practices, so that victims dare to come forward and, with the help of a solid network of trustworthy people, dare to come out.

Many survivors seek help, through Fragile Wing or through the website The search for good help often takes years. Pray that Jesus will go out and open doors for them.
Pray for Friends of Esthers, that the new website will help to inspire many Christians, pastors and concerned others to contribute a real stone.

Pray for families or singles who want to provide a safe place for a survivor during the week, on weekends or on cult days. If you are interested and want to know how you can help, please let us know via

There are far too few trauma counsellors available. Without therapy and trauma counselling, getting out is not possible. Pray for pastoral workers, trauma counselors and therapists who want to train themselves in this and who want to enter into this process from God's love. If you are such a person, pray that you can learn to take this place and look for more information at

Protection of volunteers and therapists that help these victims.

Pray for more intercessors during cult nights. Too often survivors are alone at night, when the cult is gathered in satanic worship and survivors who are not going are subjected to spiritual attacks. Jesus asked His followers to watch with Him for an hour just before He had to complete the most difficult task of His life. What will happen in our country if many Christians wake and pray for an hour during cult nights?

Pray for courage, perseverance and hope for survivors who have to fight for years to truly break free from the evil network of perpetrators we call a cult. Pray for divine protection and God's intervention when their vigilance slackens.

Pray for perpetrators who are in doubt and would like to get out. Pray that the Holy Spirit convinces them of sin, righteousness and judgment. Pray that there will be people on their path whom they can confide in, who really know God's grace and love and who know about the horrible world they want to get out of.

In the prayer letter of March 2022, a survivor talks about how victims, even (especially) in the Christian Church, have to bring down leaders by order. Pray that these leaders will become disgusted with their own hypocrisy and repent. That they may come to realise that it avails them nothing to gain everything in this world, but that they will lose their souls on the day of God's judgment.

God's word tells us: "Do not participate in the unfruitful practices of darkness, but rather denounce them" (Ephesians 5:11): Pray that crimes of the satanic perpetrator network will come to light on a national and international level. Pray for those who are working for this through media and politics.

Pray for the finances of Fragile Wing. Since this assistance is not paid for, survivors must pay for it themselves or through sponsors. That is why Fragile Wing keeps its fees low. Fragile Wing can use a number of donations, for the many hours that are not reimbursed or paid for by anyone. In time, about 1000 Euros will be needed for the placement of the monument.

Pray for wisdom and protection for us as caregivers in this field.

Unfortunately Christa has broken off contact with us (Friends of Esthers). Pray for her, that she will hold on to Jeshua and that light and truth will prevail. Pray for everyone who is with her in any way. 

Continue to pray for the boy Jan, an older preschooler who exhibits play behaviour and other characteristics indicative of severe abuse, with possible signs of organised abuse. Continued prayer is needed.
Thank you for the breakthroughs that are already there in Mirthe's process. Keep praying that all parts of the personality that are still in contact with the cult will come to light and come into relationship with the therapist or other trusted helpers around her. For those parts of the person who still have cult contact, real relationships with people outside the cult are needed to help them break away from the cult. 

"Thank you for all the prayers in the past months! It has been a very difficult month and the cult still doesn't let go, but I dare to put more and more in the light, to tell and to come out. Please pray for protection, also for my family and that I may do every day what Jeshua asks of me. Like Esther says in the bible: If I perish, then I perish".

In the previous prayer letter, Ella asked for prayer to connect with her body and personality. There were many questions inside. The questions from within seem to get less and the making of the connection from within is in full swing. This is an extensive and lengthy process, please continue to pray for this.
There has been an enormous breakthrough in C.'s process, whereby a large number of parts have met Yeshua and have chosen for Him and for the light. Pray that C will be able to make contact with these parts and that they will remain resistant to the pulling of all kinds of programming. The situations of abuse have stopped for now, because the parts that needed to go there, now belong to Yeshua. However, these perpetrators do not just let go and try to intimidate and pull. They sometimes attack her at her home so she is not safe yet. Pray for protection against this.
Pray that no part will respond to the tug of war and programming.
Pray that all parts may come into the light and belong to Yeshua, so that the war that is now raging within will stop and parts will no longer fight or punish each other.
Pray for the protagonist to become more and more powerful, to be able to stay present and in touch with her parts.
Pray for protection for the coming weeks, also during the holidays, which include many intense cult dates for her that she is very afraid of. Fortunately there is someone who will take care of her therapy during the absence of her therapist.
There is a lot of programming with K., and she herself is still in a whole process of discovering what actually happened to her. She has many parts and everything overwhelms her enormously, which very often makes her feel down and very depressed. She also often feels very lonely. Making contact at the same time is very difficult because there is a lot of programming at play to keep her isolated.
Please pray that she will be able to hold on better to her therapist. And that young friendships may also become more solid and that there will be more contacts in her life, people who will understand her.
Furthermore, she would very much like to experience Yeshua again, because she has completely lost that now.
Pray also for wisdom in therapy, in the overwhelming multitude of things, what to tackle first.
As for E., the work on the website (see previous prayer letter) is on hold for the moment. However, I would very much like to continue praying for her sister and her sister's child. That they too may step out, as E. has so bravely done. And that the husband of her sister - who as far as we know is not involved in the cult - may start to notice what is happening to his wife.
Pray for courageous survivor G. who, due to a number of rapidly succeeding violent events, is currently completely worn out.
In the summer, she will go to a shelter for 10 days so that she can rest. She will also receive counselling.
Funds are still needed for this stay. We would very much like to have prayers for this. For more information mail to
And pray also for G.'s stay, that she will dare to relax in the care she will receive.
That her parts that are so terribly frightened inside may dare to come out and receive care. That it may become a good experience for G., that she will feel safe enough not to hold back but to (dare to) receive.
Help-seekers via
Applications are regularly received from people seeking help. This step is very big and is not without consequences for them. Please pray for them, for courage, perseverance, protection and peace in their inner world for the right choices.
Fixed days
For some survivors, all Fridays are cult days, as local cult groups hold meetings on Friday nights. At each full and every new mooncult meetings are also organised. These days are always heavy for outliers.
Tip 1: Put these dates in your diary right away, so you don't forget to pray!
Tip 2: if the date of 1 August is mentioned, for example, it is the night of 31 July to 1 August. This applies to all the dates mentioned below:
→ 1 August
→ 3 August
12 August full moon
27 August new moon
→ September 7
10 September Full Monday
→ 20 September
→ 23 September
25 September new moon
→  9 October full moon
→ 13 October (reverse of 31 October)
25 October new moon
→ 28 October to 4 November preparations for Samhain/Halloween (kidnappings and rituals)
→ 31 October Samhain/Halloween (for brief information on Halloween, please read the first prayer letter via this link:
→ 1 November
→ 4 November
→  8 November full moon

Thank you for your prayers! Carla, Esther and Aline

For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see among other things
Documentary 'shards of glass and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020
Documentary 'the story of Lisa', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018
Documentary, continuation of Lisa's story, Argos VPRO, Feb 2019
 For whom and by whom?
This prayer letter is intended for every Christian who wants to join in prayer on the basis of good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to get out of this cult and to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has wrestled herself free from the grip of this cult.