An army of Gideons

Prayer letter on satanic ritual abuse

October 2021 no.1
The Biblical Gideon was a man chosen by God to deliver a whole people.
He himself did not like his calling and had to be persuaded by God to accept his task. In the end, he faced an enemy force of tens of thousands with a small army of 300.
Because God was on his side, this small army overcame the overpowering enemy.
 For God can redeem through few as well as through many.
What He could do then, He can do now.
Bible: Judges 6-8, 1 Samuel 14:6   

Ephesians 6:12-13
Our struggle is not against people but against heavenly rulers, the rulers and the ruled of darkness,
against the evil spirits in the heavenly realms.
Therefore, take up the weapons of God to be able to resist in the day of evil, to stand well prepared.

The purpose of this prayer letter is to initiate a prayer movement in the Netherlands and abroad to free victims from the shackles of satanic ritual abuse.
In addition, to make people aware of the existence of satanic networks under the surface of our Western society. So that gradually a network of passionate people is created that offers spiritual and practical support to victims (and perpetrators?) who choose for freedom.
For whom?
This prayer letter is intended for every Christian who wishes to participate in prayer on the basis of good information. In particular, prayer groups of churches or interdenominational prayer groups are also invited to participate.
You are receiving this first letter because someone in our circle of people suspects that you would like to be a part of it. If that is not the case, please unsubscribe this mailing at the bottom of the prayer letter and you will not receive it again. 
It is the intention that this newsletter appears once every quarter. To inform everyone who wants to pray with us about the coming cult days (see explanation further on in this letter) and to offer concrete prayer points. We feel that the time has come to tell about these matters. That the darkness may be brought into the light and that together, in connection, we may form an offensive spiritually, in the power of our King of Kings, to stand up against this enormous injustice.

By whom?
This prayer letter is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to step out of this cult and to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan.
She says: 'I learned to sacrifice animals, but also people and children, and I learned to control people spiritually by seducing them into sin and wrong choices. I gave my body and soul until a few years ago for the higher purpose of becoming better in the kingdom of darkness, so that the cult, the group of satanists, could gain more power. Here you can read more about Esther. Under the heading 'the power of prayer', you can read about Esther's motivation to co-initiate this prayer letter. Other survivors of satanic ritual abuse will also co-write these prayer letters, always under pseudonyms, this time it is Jessie.

What is satanic ritual abuse?
Satanic ritual abuse involves highly sadistic sexual abuse of children and adult adults as part of worship of Satan. Most - possibly all - victims of this satanic network, are additionally used for production of sadistic (child) pornography and used as sex slaves.

Jessie says:
I grew up in a family where alcoholism was in the foreground. Psychological problems that were drunk away. A problem that was visible to doctors and institutions. What was not visible was the deep darkness behind it. There was no safe place within the family, but the misery went much further than that. In the period of 4-6 years, I was taken to places that most people still do not know exist. A place of literal and figurative deep darkness. A place where satan was worshipped in all his horror. A place where I had no voice, was not allowed to be heard. Not to cry, not to scream in pain .... Rituals in which people were raped, tortured, sacrificed .... Babies and children who were not supposed to exist - who were born there so that nobody would miss them - were tortured and murdered in a horrible way. And this is still happening worldwide!
We were told not to talk, on pain of horrible death (of friends, loved ones and ourselves). To instil further fear, we were tortured, had electricity pumped through our bodies, were drowned and revived, and an endless list of other ways. Even that liberating death was taken away from us. Locked up in (dog) cages, not allowed to make any noise, under penalty of electric current.
We were also told that we would not be believed anyway. Present were police, doctors, social workers, pastors ... all layers of the population. So you would never know where you could safely talk because anyone could be one of them. And the punishment was terrible. Programming by intensely frightening you, repeated messages with the aim: even more fear, isolation (nobody can be trusted, you are not safe anywhere, you are responsible for the suffering and death of the other etc etc). Now, decades later, I am finally learning to live instead of to survive.
I have sought and found my recovery with Jesus Christ, Yeshua. It has been a very long road, but a road to LIFE. I have found freedom, broken fears, found my voice again but above all: HOPE. Without Yeshua I literally would not be alive, He showed me the way I could go towards Life.' Here you can read more from the hand of Jessie.

The power of common prayer
Jesus gives us the task of unmasking the works of darkness.
Prayer is our most powerful weapon in this. Satan works through people's minds, enticing them to do his works with power he gives them when they obey.
In the cult, Esther learned how to manipulate and influence people by summoning and stirring up demons. Weak spots were sought and people were literally attacked mentally.
But we have, by God's grace, been given more power than Satan, only we are often unaware of it. We allow injustice to continue, we don't always stand up for the weak and when we feel uncomfortable, we remain silent rather than speaking in authority. Yeshua has given us the authority to do greater works than He did. We may stand on scorpions (who is the scorpion?) we may move above the works of Satan (casting out demons and healing the sick) and we may build with Him the kingdom of God on the earth.

Everything we pray according to His will, He will hear. What Esther sometimes says: When Christians will really use the power of prayer, the darkness will not be able to stand. For this we, as Christians, must want to be focused on Yeshua and dare to sanctify our lives. The power directly from His Kingdom will shake the earth. Death has no power over us, when we step out as children of the Most High Lord.
Cultural calendar
One of the things that survivors come up against is that in the course of a year there are a whole number of dates that belong to the satanic ritual calendar. These days and periods often determine very strongly how a survivor is doing as the whole personality system is programmed on these dates.
Even if someone manages not to go back to the cult, these dates and days are often extremely difficult for the survivor. Full of memories and re-experiences, full of the call to return, full of the images and smells and sounds of such nights. Often the person himself does not even realise that this calendar is so deeply programmed, but the body reacts to it.

Prayer is very important on these days and especially on these nights. Which days are we talking about?
* In any case, you can assume that at full moon and also at new moon, and on Fridays the 13e cults active
are and perform rituals, severely abusing children and unimportant people within the cult
and/or sacrificed.
* Around 21 March there is the spring equinox, around 21 September the autumn equinox, around 21 June and around 21 December
the solstices. All ritual dates.
* Last 22 September we had the autumn equinox, and actually from that day to 4 November it is
A very difficult time for survivors.
This time is used as a preparation for Samhain (popularly known as Halloween), one of the high days in the cult world. This means that demons are invoked, that a lot of blood is spilled from animals and babies to invoke as much darkness as possible. Also, children may be kidnapped during this period and used as sacrifices on Samhain.
So, as you can see, there are few periods of relative calm for a survivor, since - even if there is no concrete date - there are often periods of preparation for the 'great occult feasts'. Around such 'holidays' there is also often much more spiritual turmoil, and pressure 'in the air', and this too often comes on the radar of the usually highly sensitive survivor to such things. It is therefore necessary to pray for protection from these spiritual pressures. Even if you do not know a survivor yourself, your prayers are very welcome! Never underestimate the power of prayer. It actually hinders or even breaks the power of demons and people who place themselves in their service!

Concrete prayer points

* For blessing the release and recovery processes of victims who are trying to fight their way out of the cult.
Many victims have had their programming activated because of Halloween. These are torture-induced automatic reactions of all kinds, whose ultimate goal is either to strengthen the cult's hold over the person or to return the person to the cult. Pray that these will be broken.
* Many victims are very lonely because they have hardly anyone to share their real concerns with. Pray for people around them who will do their best to understand them.
Many victims are attacked by cult members when they go out, e.g. by cars following them. Pray for protection.
* God's word tells us: do not take part in the unfruitful practices of darkness, rather denounce them (Ephesians 5:11): Pray that crimes of satanic network will be exposed on national and international level.
From 27 October onwards, there are compulsory meetings for the victims on account of Halloween, and failure to attend these satanic meetings carries heavy penalties.
* Breaking the power of Satanists in the lives of their victims, but also reducing their influence in our country and beyond.
* Last year, a motion was passed in the Lower House requesting independent investigation into organised sadistic abuse. Following this, the Ministry of Justice set up a committee. This commission is not trusted by many victims, because it is not independent of Justice and many victims also tell about abuse by the top of Justice, for more info see this item. At the end of October (date not yet known), a new motion will be submitted requesting that a new commission be set up - outside the Ministry of Justice - in accordance with the preconditions necessary for a truly independent investigation. Pray that members of parliament of good will see why this is essential, and that this motion will be adopted.
* Protection of volunteers and therapists who help these victims.
* There are far too few therapists available. Without therapy and trauma processing, getting out is not possible. Pray for more therapists who are willing to do this.
* Safe places to accommodate people who want to get out

For persons

* Christa, a young woman between 20 and 30, was still on the waiting list for the end-of-life clinic six months ago. She was utterly desperate. She took a courageous step to from the cult and is about to take the biggest step in her entire exit process. Pray for courage and strength and safety and healthy new relationships.
* An older toddler, we will call him Jan, shows play behaviour and other characteristics that indicate severe abuse with possible signs of organised abuse. Pray for divine protection for this young child. and that God will do justice to his life. That the claws of death will stay away from him from now on.
* For Esther, that she endures and continues to grow
On certain days
28 October to 4 November satanic high days with blood rituals
31 October All Saints' Day, Samhain, Halloween with blood rituals, many child sacrifices and sexual rituals and sexual abuse by demons
1 November All Souls' Day
4 November satanic high day with sexual rituals