...on organised sadistic and ritualistic abuse

Updated 21 October 2021



Website about ritual abuse, especially meant for survivors and therapists.



Website of Ellen Lactor, psychologist in the United States who has been working with victims of organized and ritual abuse for decades. Many interesting articles, among others about legal and ethical aspects of forced perpetration, but also good information about mind control techniques used in cults.


Website of Michael Salter, Professor of Criminology at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Salter specializes in the investigation of organized sexual abuse. He also publishes on ritual abuse, the misinformation of the 'false memory movement' and the unjustified prejudices often heard in the media against the testimony of victims of organized and ritual violence. 

American website with a lot of information about ritual abuse and mind control, from survivors and therapists from the western world. Also a lot of attention for lawsuits in the US around ritual abuse.


Information about ritual abuse and mind control, with also a list of many more international websites about ritual abuse, arranged by country: