Open letter to CU from Christian leaders

Open letter to ChristenUnie urging the House to vote in favour of the motion for an independent enquiry into sadistic ritual abuse on Tuesday 16 November 2021

To the Christian Union: Party leadership, 1e and 2e Members of Parliament, youth party, party office

With respect for the hard work on your plate, the following pastors/leaders in Christian organisations briefly and urgently call attention to a motion that is extremely important for the victims of organised sadistic and ritualistic abuse (SRM).

We are pleased that the Christian Union stands up for justice and care for vulnerable people - such as child abuse - among other things, and lists this among the key issues on its site.

In 2020, the Lower House voted unanimously for an independent investigation into the existence and extent of SRM, independent because victims reported (among others in an Argos investigation) that high-ranking officials of the judiciary were (allegedly) involved among the perpetrators.

However, the Minister of Justice and Security has brought the investigation under his ministry and thus has the right to appoint and dismiss members of the investigative committee and thus has a very strong influence on the purpose and approach of the investigation. He has also stated that the final report must (first) be sent to the Minister. Moreover, the Committee's archives are housed at the Ministry of Justice (see the official act setting up the investigation

Especially for a Ministry of Justice and Security, where justice and purity should be paramount, this is very detrimental to victims and ultimately also to (alleged) perpetrators. Therefore, let a good investigation quickly lead to a clear answer!

The Van Meijeren motion (31 015 Child abuse, no. 234) that will be tabled on Tuesday calls again for a truly independent investigation. There must be light in vagueness, especially in obscure situations that cannot bear the light.

So far the Christian Union remains very quiet on this point despite attempts to contact a group of 20 mental health care workers who, as experts (mostly Christian), make a case for independent research into this horrific form of abuse and some of whom have (had) contact with victims of SRM. Only members of parliament from other parties have stuck their necks out so far; that surprises us greatly.

Only MPs from other parties are sticking their necks out so far; that surprises us greatly.

Some parallels with the story of the Good Samaritan come to mind; for that parable, besides bearing beautiful witness to the personal commitment of the outsider, contained above all a firm appeal to the faithful.

Therefore, as ChristenUnie, give a voice to a group of severely abused Dutch people: co-sign or fully support the Van Meijeren motion.

Rev. Gerard van der Schee, Almere

...and 21 pastors, ministers and other leaders in the Christian Netherlands.