...about dissociative identity disorder (DIS)

Updated: 21 October 2021

Many victims of satanic ritual abuse develop dissociative identity disorder (DIS), formerly known as multiple personality disorder (MPS). It is generally assumed that DIS is the result of very severe, chronic traumatisation at a very young age (assumed to be before the age of 6), when the brain is still developing. Below a number of websites that explain a lot about the development and treatment of DID. Then an article by Simone Reinders, neuroscientist, about DIS and early childhood trauma. And finally a shocking radio broadcast by Argos about the MKUltra-program of the CIA, of which the goals are very similar to what we see with clients with programmed DIS.

The Dutch care standard for dissociative disorders


The first Dutch care standard for dissociative identity disorders was published in February 2021. Unfortunately, it does not address programmed DIS, deliberately created in satanic cults, which some call DIS 2.0.

Website of the international ISST-D


Website of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. The aim of the ISST-D is to promote global understanding of chronic trauma and dissociation among practitioners, scientists and society at large.  

Website of the European ESTD


Website of the European Society for Trauma and Dissociation. Goal of this European organization is to increase knowledge of trauma and dissociation, to connect therapists and other professionals in this field within Europe and to stimulate research.

Article by neuroscientist Simone Reinders about DIS and early childhood trauma


An article in which Simone Reinders, neuroscientist, explains why neurobiological research supports that dissociative identity disorder (DIS) is a result of early childhood trauma. She found that people with dissociative symptoms (a generic term, this includes more than just people with DIS) have increased brain activity in the frontal brain regions. Also, the hippocampus and the basal ganglia (certain parts of the brain) in these people is clearly smaller. In addition, people with dissociative symptoms have increased levels of oxytocin and prolactin.

She also talks about other research which shows that people with dissociative identity disorder have a smaller hippocampus. Previous research has already shown that a smaller hippocampus is linked to trauma at an early age.

Previous research by Simone Reinders and Ellert Nijenhuis, among others, had already shown that different personality parts show very different psychobiological reactions to the reading aloud of part of their trauma history. An attempt to obtain the same result using people who had to reenact different parts of their personality failed: the brain scanner showed very different results.

Argos, programme for investigative journalism about CIA and the creation of DIS

In the shocking Radio broadcast 'the CIA's harsh interrogation techniques Argos exposes the horrific torture practices of the CIA, in which no ethical boundaries applied. Even the (tortured) death of the people who were experimented on was acceptable collateral damage. Argos tells how Operation Paperclip brought hundreds of Nazi scientists to America after WWII to work for the CIA. FormerNew York Times-journalist Stephen Kinzer is interviewed about his book Poisoner in Chief - Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA search for mind control. At the time of the Cold War, chemist Gottlieb was the mastermind behind the ultra-secret programme MK Ultra. With the help of scientists, he conducted gruesome experiments on prisoners and other people who would not be missed. The explicit purpose of these experiments was to destroy the human personality and create a mesn who, against his own moral conviction, could commit crimes that he would then completely forget.

The programme controlled by Gottlieb had no less than 149 sub-programmes. There were a number of secret locations where the most gruesome experiments that could lead to death were carried out. In addition, universities, prisons, doctors and psychiatrists all collaborated, performing experiments on their unsuspecting patients without their knowledge. When Gottlieb left, he ordered all records to be destroyed.


The objectives of the CIA's MKUltra programme, among others, are very similar to what we find in clients who break away from satanic cults: a personality that is split into personality parts that alternate in daily consciousness. And they have amnesia in relation to each other. We see that some parts tell of crimes that they have been forced to commit under all kinds of coercion (murder, rape and more), which for other personality parts remain completely unconscious. Exactly what the CIA programme MKUltra aimed at.

The MKUtra programme officially lasted from 1953-1973. The official reading is that it has ended. Stephen Kinzer thinks so. How likely is it that a programme this big, in which so much money and time was invested, has actually stopped? What is certain, as Argos tells us, is that scientists who worked on MKUltra remained on the CIA's payroll. In spite of all the people who were damaged for their lives and tortured to death.