Outraged, sad and angry - reaction of a survivor to the Hendriks committee report and the House of Representatives.

On 14 June '23, Gideon van Meijeren made an appeal at the committee meeting to discuss the Hendriks committee enquiry in a separate meeting. To my great surprise, but also deep disappointment, this was not an option. However, each group would be given an extra whole minute to comment on the file. 1 whole minute extra for a report that, firstly, is terribly thick and, secondly, to which every interest party affected by ritual abuse has concrete, substantiated comments. Which raises the big question of whether the investigation was conducted correctly.

A report that was made out in advance as having no chance, in that it would fall under justice and security, and a report in which the survivors who did speak indicated that justice was not done to their words.

As a survivor of ritual abuse, I did not respond to the call for an interview. In my view, what I have to say does not stand a chance with a committee under the judiciary. Still, I hoped that justice would be done to the brave others in their speaking, but even the second chamber does not want to do justice to that by paying a little extra attention to it. By examining at all whether the report met the requirements and whether the report has the right to be called a good investigation. Something the second chamber is ultimately responsible for!

How can I say to other survivors, that there is hope when we talk about our country. That we have a right to exist and that we will be protected when we talk. How can we truly experience that there is a chance for justice when politics looks away time and again and does not listen to what we have to say? With this latest move where there will be no private space for the report and where 1 minute of extra time is given, for me, the door to hope in politics is closed once and for all. Let that word, hope, be the very word that keeps me alive and that has kept me fighting hard day in and day out to stay alive, to recover and stand up for others from these networks. What is left?

I feel profoundly disappointed and that last shred of hope has been completely wiped out. I am reminded of De Groot's song: Prime Minister goodnight. Sleep well in your beautiful white house.....