Sample emails to MPs

Below is a guide to writing your own email to a member of parliament in the House of Representatives. Use these examples as inspiration, and change them as much as you like! Preferably choose them this Justice and Security in their portfolio. Party offices or youth parties can also be written to. Here you will find relevant mail addresses.

On behalf of many survivors, thank you for your efforts!

Subject of the mail

  • Survivors srm not taken seriously by Hendriks committee
  • Second opinion needed for srm survivors after outstanding questions in extremely weak final Hendriks committee report
  • In the breach for srm survivors: second opinion to do them justice
  • Does the Netherlands dare not take an honest look at (survivors of) srm?
  • ...

Mail content

Name which of the 14 objections/arguments from the practitioner group you think is important. In your text, make the link to that letter and attachments.

Example 1


What a disappointing final report by Hendriks committee. Organised sadistic abuse was not seriously and independently investigated. Survivors have barely been heard and taken seriously.

Survivors need it: clear light needs to be shed on srm so that no more children become victims of this horrific sexual abuse.

I want to live in a country where survivors are helped as much as possible to recover from traumatic torture. As Christians, we must do justice to victims!

I therefore urge you to call for a second opinion by a truly independent group of researchers!

Example 2


If the Bible is clear about anything, it is that we must do justice to those who are oppressed. It is gruesome to learn about the practices of satanic/sadistic ritual abuse in our country. It is God's top priority to expose these abominable practices.

Unfortunately, the committee did not do justice to Hendriks survivors; on the contrary, in 2 years, they were hardly taken seriously (see the letter from 20 practitioners, especially argument x).

As in healthcare, sometimes a second opinion is needed to get a better view of an unhealthy situation, I urge you to cast your vote on this issue. I am happy to count on you, as a politician sitting in the second chamber partly on my behalf, to support a second opinion.