Week of prayer, Halloween 2022

Extra edition of 'A Gideon's army: prayer letter around satanic ritual abuse'

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Halloween is just around the corner. 'Cozy horror' and making death a party. Amusing, right? Or is it not as innocent as it seems? While pumpkins, skeletons and witches' brooms are brought out and people dress up to celebrate Halloween, for victims of satanic ritual abuse, it is one of the most feared cult celebrations.

halloween is one of the high days in the satanic cult world. During this 'festival', demons are invoked, many sexual abuse rituals take place and child sacrifices are made to Satan. In the period surrounding Halloween (mainly from 28 October to 4 November), children may be abducted, used as sacrifices during Halloween, and hideous rituals take place. A lot of innocent blood flows to invoke as much darkness as possible. Survivors, who have experienced these satanic rituals and abuse first-hand, survived it and have now escaped from the cult, experience intense struggles during (the period surrounding) Halloween. They suffer from re-experiences, traumatic memories and spiritual struggles.

We call on you to join us in prayer for a week (from 24 October to 1 November) and in prayer and fasting for the last three days (from 29 October 10 am to 1 November 10 am) to stand on the breach for victims and survivors of satanic ritual abuse. We want to invoke God and beg Him to intervene during these hideous atrocities taking place in satanic cults. Immeasurable power is released when we pray and fast. Several examples of this are found in the Bible: in the Bible book of Esther, we read that the entire Jewish people were spared after they fasted for three days and nights. In the time of Jonah, the entire city of Nineveh went into prayer and fasting, thus the city was spared. Jesus prayed and fasted while walking on earth. He is a powerful example for us in this too!

It can be helpful to pray together with others. During this week, for example, you can then schedule a time daily to engage in prayer together. Jesus shows that there is a promise attached to this. In Matthew 18: 19 and 20 where it says: "Furthermore, I tell you that if two of you on earth desire anything, anything at all, in unison, it will fall to them from My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in My Name, there I am in their midst." You can also choose to make a prayer schedule or chain for one or more nights.

Halloween (by Mara) So many lives Just picked As if they were nothing The little ones Their lives have barely begun The somewhat larger Dreaming of the future Just snatched away To the delight of powerful worshippers   For a game A game, which will not be a game But goes on Life and Death And every part But for now, Come with Your Peace Tortured Starving That they may be pure and clean Raped, Each of the members is given the time But the smallest And sometimes the slightly less small Laying on the altar Or the rock Or the sacrificial block The knife cuts Blood is collected The knife sticks The heart, that little heart on a plate. Then that stroke, you lie open Even your insides are preserved. Then you disappear into the fire And the next one is up Picked, trampled on the ground, And discarded Where have I heard these words before? Oh Lord Yeshua Capture these destroyed souls Up in Your arms And make them whole   Have mercy with a gentle hand About the children Who are still alive after these evenings But more than being broken And have fallen even further apart You know their core And every part But for now, Come with Your Peace

What is fasting?

Fasting is turning your back on food for spiritual purposes. By fasting, you make yourself weak and dependent on God so that He can become strong in you and give Him more space in your life. You humble yourself and focus on God. This allows you to know Him better and He can fill you powerfully with His Holy Spirit.  

We see in the Bible that the Lord Jesus also fasted: He began His ministry by praying and fasting (Matthew 4: 1-11). From Matthew 6: 16-18, we can see that the Lord Jesus assumes that we fast because He begins with: "And when you fast ..."

In Luke 4:1 it says that the Lord Jesus was led by Holy Spirit into the desert. After He had fasted for forty days, He was tempted by Satan but Jesus did not allow Himself to be tempted and emerged victorious. After Jesus fasted for forty days and nights, the power of the Holy Spirit was released. His ministry began and many miracles, signs, deliverances, healings and even the dead were raised. Even when we fast, it can result in (spiritual) breakthroughs.  

You can fast in different ways:

  • Drinking only water, drink more than two litres a day.
  • Drink water, tea and fruit juice, as well as more than two litres of water a day.
  • Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, people also 'fast' by temporarily giving up phones, social media, etc. While this can be helpful to free up time for prayer and Bible reading and it can break an 'addiction' to phones, etc., this is not the same as Biblical fasting. In the Bible, fasting always refers to temporarily abstaining from food. As mentioned, Biblical fasting has an unprecedented power and is a means that we may use together for our own needs and those of others. However, digital fasting is a means to turn your back on your distractions and addictions and fix your eyes on Jesus, which is why we mention this way here.

Shown here is a poem written by Mara, a survivor of

SRM, below Esther shares a bit about her experiences during Halloween. Finally, specific prayer points are mentioned by Esther for the week from 24 October to 1 November.

Halloween (by Esther)

Worshipping the dead is at the heart of these days. Death as a force to raise oneself higher in this terrible, dark, spiritual world. By now I have not had to experience Halloween in the cult for several years, I am free. But when I think back to all those years when escape was not possible from that gruesome 'festival', I am reminded of the hundreds of little lives that breathed their last there, including one of my children, whom I saw there for the last time. I am reminded of the immense struggle to want to survive, the hopelessness as an inferior and the gigantic demonic activities that are allowed to run their free course.  

How much hope I could have felt had I known that there were people, a countermovement in prayer, to take on this spiritual battle. To fight on my side. I had seen the power of Jeshua, it would have made a difference. That small glimmer of hope would have lifted my heart for a moment when I had seen that the demons were not completely free. A glimmer of hope, along with the millions of other glimmers of hope at other times. With that, Jeshua had shown me that He exists and knows a way out. Every glimmer that brings you closer to freedom. I am so grateful that there are people like you who want to pray and fast with me. Who want to stand up for people who, like me, are fighting or have fought in the deepest darkness to stay alive. You may not always see the effect it has, but believe me: the prayer of a righteous person accomplishes a lot because it is given power (Jac. 5:16). For Him, nothing is impossible! Let us then have great faith and make a difference! (Matt 17:19-21)

To get through the week of Halloween prayerfully and fasting, the following information may help you. It is good not to look away from the evil dark world that many people and especially children are caught up in. It is imperative that you see it, know it and be moved by it. It is necessary that no one looks away anymore. It does happen and looking away certainly does not change anything, except that it hurts terribly for the survivor to be alone and abandoned again. Let us together look the injustice in the eye and see what Jeshua is going to change in this! Only His love heals and drives out all fear.

Prayer calendar

24 on 25 October

(Start is on 24 October at 22:31 with climax between 01:00-04:00)

This night is the start of the Halloween festivities. There is a cult ceremony, a kind of start-up initiation week, where the most important thing is that everyone gets focused on the purpose of Halloween. Honouring the dead, making the right sacrifices (read innocent babies), in order to curry favour with Satan. The starting ceremony, as on this night, takes place regionally in many groups across the country. Also during this night, a sacrifice of a child under 2 years of age takes place. After the ceremony, there is an orgy party between the children and adults. Pray for disruption of ceremonies across the country. Pray for hope for the victims. This week is endlessly long and cannot be borne without drugs and pain. Pray for Jeshua to be near and make ways out. After all, nothing is impossible for Him!

25 on 26 October

(Normal ceremony times from 01:00-04:00)

This night is a preparation for Halloween night. Children are told that these days it comes down to how 'good' they are and that they may be sacrificed. The brainwashing of this begins, and as a child this week, you increasingly believe that if you are chosen to be sacrificed, you are special and matter. You are used to interact with demons and the group members. You will be raped several times and either honoured or left as waste for a few hours, giving you a good sense of which group you belong to: the good guys or the bad guys. This evening ends with orgies, where sex with babies and toddlers is not shunned. Pray for the children, that they feel the security of a God who cares for them, is always there for them, in the midst of this darkness. This really is possible and I have experienced it myself. Let us pray that every child may have this assurance, deep in his/her heart, that cannot be taken away!

26 on 27 October

(Normal ceremony times from 01:00-04:00)  

This night is a preparation mainly focused on interaction with demons. Demons are invited to have sex with children who are made ready in a circle. The adults who are allowed afterwards believe that power is derived from sex with children who have been 'impregnated' by demons. The children are also screened and watched and sometimes it is already chosen which child will be sacrificed later this week. Pray for a countermovement in the spiritual world. Pray that the demons cannot invade the children of Jeshua (every child is His) and that God's strength and power is known there in the midst of that circle. 

27 on 28 October

(Normal ceremony from 01:00-04:00, after which at 04:28 services continue continuously at different locations).  

This is the last 'normal' night during Halloween week. Preparations continue, with children getting ready for the big climax. They start believing more and more that they are important to Satan and try with all their might to gain more moments in esteem. This makes them feel safer and more worthy. However, the opposite is true. The one who fights hard to be good enough, but is not in the eyes of the cult, will be sacrificed. Pray for these children that they will know the real truth deep inside them. The truth that there is a God who loves them, cares for them and - when they don't survive - waits for them. A God who can give outcome, a way out, even if it is invisible. Pray that they will feel, and above all know, that there are people who know this injustice and plead for their freedom with God the Father.

28 on 29 October  

(Last night at 4:28am, the continuous meetings already started and did not stop during the day either. From this night, the meeting from 1:00 to 4:00 am is mandatory every night).   

This day is a day to prepare for the Halloween night from 31 October to 1 November. Children will be recruited, deliveries induced and people chosen to be sacrificed on the holy night. Pray for the survivors that they may feel hope. Light in this darkness. Adults and children who are in the cult from birth are required to attend these kinds of holy days. I know from myself how, around Halloween, I looked for a way out to avoid going. Being very sick, people suddenly coming to visit, very very sometimes there were 'coincidences' that even cult could not force me to go.  Pray for opportunities and chances not to have to experience these nights. Pray for their preparations to be exposed in the light, so that their preparations become hopeless.

29 on 30 October

This day and night is also dominated by preparations for Halloween night. Once again, recruit children and induce childbirth. Pray for the mothers for whom it is not possible to truly be mothers. Who it is not given to hold, protect and cherish their baby in their arms. They must allow and watch against all their natural feelings as their baby is sacrificed in a bestial way, either by another or by themselves. Pray for their recovery and that they may trust that Jeshua will take care of their baby and they will have a much better life with Him.  

30 on 31 October

This day and night is all about spiritual preparation for Halloween night. Demons are summoned, asked to be favourable to them. Sacrifices are made to gain/earn more place in the spiritual world. All this is done through the sacrifice of a newborn. Pray that this night the demons have no room to move. That any possibility of manifestation of them is prevented and that Jeshua intervenes with His mighty Light and power. 

31 October on 1 November

This is Halloween night, the high tide night and will last until 10am (of November 1)

During this night, various rituals are done, which include the rape of children by demons, later by those present. The sacrifice of babies and children born and recruited this week, after which their bodies are burnt and violent manifestations take place in the minds and bodies of those present which gives them a 'kick' to want more of this dark world.  Pray for disruption of ceremonies across the country (and beyond). Pray for exposure in the world of these dark practices. The darkness must be brought into the light. Pray for the victims, for supernatural protection, that Jeshua will be present, take away their fears and give them peace. Pray for the perpetrator-perpetrators. That they may realise what they are doing, but also see ways to ask for help. Pray that the church of Christ will be willing and ready to also receive these people, help them, show them the way of Jeshua and show endless mercy and patience, so that they will and can truly follow the way of Jeshua.

1- 4 November

The Halloween climax is over, but the misery of the victims is not yet over. Those who 'made it' still have tough days ahead in which distinctions will begin to be made between good, not-so-good and bad children and adults. Each will have to earn grace again in the coming months, using Christmas as a benchmark once again. The cult is a place of achievement and obedience, held together by bonds of fear. Only the love of Jeshua and His light can change this.

After 4 November

Even after November 4 and before Christmas, there are still regular big cult 'festivals'. In the month of November, these are still on 8 November (new moon) and 23 November (full moon), which, as always, is the night of that day, i.e. the night of 7-8 November and the night of 22-23 November. The next regular prayer letter will appear D.V. at the end of November, including information and prayer points for the 'feasts' in December.

Will you continue to pray with us?  

Carla, Esther and Aline  

This prayer letter may be distributed widely, especially in churches. 'My people perish for lack of knowledge,' says the Bible (Hosea 4:6). So let us not look away anymore. Let us fix our eyes on Jeshua and embrace injustice, those caught in it, and take them before the throne of God!

Photo origin: see postscript  


Photo origin: see postscript  


The photos in this newsletter were taken in Scheveningen, https://www.beeldenaanzee.nl/nl/vlog They are called fairy tale images, however, many of these images strongly indicate for srm survivors what happens to them as children (and adults) in the cult, such as being locked naked in a cage, or chained in a cell. There is more 'art' that for survivors strongly refers to their experiences in the cult, see e.g. this 'work of art' or this. Pray also that in our country massive eyes will open to lurid art displays and questions will be asked about this. 

For more information on satanic ritual abuse, see among other things 

www.fragilewing.com  www.lichtopsrm.com  www.lichtoplevens.nl

Documentary 'glass shards and dark rituals', Argos VPRO, 27 June 2020  

Documentary 'Lisa's story', Argos VPRO, 8 Dec 2018  

Documentary, continuation of Lisa's story, Argos VPRO, Feb 2019   

For whom and by whom?

This prayer letter is intended for every Christian who wants to join in prayer on the basis of good information. It is an initiative of Carla Hamoen, Esther and Aline Terpstra. Carla and Aline both professionally help survivors of satanic ritual abuse to get out of this cult and to recover physically, emotionally and spiritually. Esther was born into a church family that worshipped Satan and has wrestled herself free from the grip of this cult. 

If you know people who might be interested in joining us in prayer, please feel free to forward this letter and the prayer points. If you no longer wish to receive this prayer letter and the prayer points, an email back will suffice.