Seventh message, 29 July 2021

By Esther

Almost 40 years have passed since I was first sold and raped.

Over 30 years have passed since I first became a mother, I was still a child myself.

Over 22 years have passed since a part of me decided to want to follow Jeshua and my freedom came in sight.

Over 20 years before I was allowed to bring home a child of mine for the first time.

Over 8 years ago I had people on my path who took me by the hand and showed me the way out.

More than 5 years ago I chose not to fear the unborn life, created by you, but which has been received with open arms and love.

Over a year has passed since I decided to help another person escape you.

Over 7 months have passed since you last tried to kill me.

Not even a month has passed that you guys tried to make me feel guilty again, wanted to pull me back and clamp down on me, but here comes the no more.....

Even if you make my hands kill me, even if you rape my body, trap me or threaten my children, bowing to you is over.

Jeshua is my Lord and I will continue on my way in freedom and every victory I will name!

Sixth message, 2 April 2021

By Esther, About Easter

Inverted cross, sacrifice, candles, sounds, sex... If you get pregnant these days, you've acquired the place of honor at Christmas. Expectation and agony, murder. Easter's upon us. The 40 day period almost over. For some, redemption (read death) comes after 40 days of fear and pain and for some, hell is just beginning.

I can't sleep again. These kinds of 'holidays' don't get any easier the longer you stay away from the cult. The horror keeps slipping into your mind and the feeling that you can 'save' others keeps creeping in. Years later, now, I say to myself: it may be told, it may be in the light. We have been silent too long. We are strong enough, because we are still here, we are also strong enough to talk. With every word, the chains of captivity break more and more. Who else speaks out? Who are thinking and praying to and for those who are fighting a fierce battle these days? They cannot do without support. Do not look away. Looking away is worse than the abuse itself! And for you, survivor, stand up, there is a way out, especially in these days. You are so strong. Because you are still alive! Then you too can face this fight. You are not alone!

I found the following piece on the internet (source: about the background of Easter from a Jewish perspective. Still a lot of overlap:

Easter is a Roman Baal feast mixed with Passover. Originally it is a feast full of satanic rituals: demon worship, child sacrifice, sex orgies, prostitution, sunrise rituals (on the sun worship day/Sunday) and other practices. It all traces back to Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod. This woman in history has a different name in many cultures. In the Bible she is known as Astharoth, Astartes, Diana or Artemis. Easter is in English Easter. And this very English name clearly refers to Ishtar, Astartes, Semiramis. Think of what God will have to think of it that such a satanic feast is mixed up with Passover and His intended holiday is not celebrated anymore. On Easter Sunday the supernatural conception of Tammuz, the reincarnated Nimrod, is commemorated. He has since been worshipped as the sun god Dagon or Baal. So Easter celebrates the fact that Nimrod who had been killed had been resurrected in Tammuz. It's the supernatural rebirth of Nimrod. Nimrod was dead, but lives again in Tammuz. And of course this fits perfectly with Jesus' death and resurrection.

The women who were conceived at Easter during sex orgies gave birth to babies around December 25 (Christmas). These babies were then sacrificed to Moloch on December 25. It was the Roman and Babylonian church that was responsible for this change. A deliberate action of Constantine and the bishop of Rome. An action already foretold in Daniel (Dan. 7:25). Emperor Constantine was a follower of the Mithra cult (sun worship). The Roman Catholic Church has its roots in the Baal worship or better said: the Roman Catholic Church is Baal worship in a slightly different guise as we read it in the Bible. It is religion from Babylon completely focused on sun worship. Babylon where multi-god worship is acceptable, but where you are not allowed to confess and serve only the one and living God of Israel.'

Fifth message, 26 March 2021

By Aline Terpstra

The cult continued to send Esther links from websites containing constantly changing pornographic films, including ones in which she was the perpetrator. This is the reason why earlier this week part 4 was placed on the website.

Now that the cult continues to do this, and to make threats through emails and messages to family members who are still in their grip, part 5 is posted today. In this part you can read the testimony of Esther about how she, at the age of 16, was forced to hold her 2-year old daughter, who was killed after being brutally raped. Only the names of the 3 people known are not filled in.

Fourth message, 19 March 2021

by Aline Terpstra

As a result of a nasty action by the cult on March 12, Esther has chosen to place new fragments (part 2) of her life story on the website on Sunday, March 13. In these fragments, Esther tells how women like her are used from an early age, but also in adulthood, to seduce and trap people with influence. She tells how the accompanying photos are used by the cult to blackmail and manipulate influential people.

In response to the extreme porn videos of Esther that the cult continues to post on the internet last week, excerpts (part 3) of her life story were posted on this site again today. In it she tells how friendships within the cult's world are systematically destroyed and talks about the unimaginable cruelty of a high-ranking person.

Third message, 11 March 2021

by Aline Terpstra

This week, Tuesday 9 March, a number of people from the network of friends around Esther and I received an email with the title 'proof' and the following text:

"Who do you think killed this girl?

You want proof?"

Attached is a plain photo of the face of a dressed girl. Research on the internet shows that it is the photo of a girl who was reported murdered years ago. Esther's husband received a slightly different email:

"Who do you think this is?

You want to know who killed them? Send yes and you'll see every picture....
I know you want to know. I'm waiting for your answer!"

Attached is a photo of a naked teenage girl who I think is Esther - she herself indicates that she is indeed - and the midsection of the body of a naked man with an erect penis.

Esther herself is sent photographs showing her killing a girl at an adult age. The photo, of course, does not reflect the context.

Second message, 23 February 2021

by Aline Terpstra

Police involvement

Yesterday on the way back from an appointment with me, I had Esther on the phone, while we were both driving back to our hometown. Esther was first followed by a familiar car that miraculously didn't signal with its lights or show its presence in any other way. We both wondered if his presence was a coincidence (not having a cult mission on the way). Perhaps the explanation came shortly thereafter. Close to home a cult cop in a police car approached her. Laughing, he shot to her side of the road, where it looked like he was going to hit her, and then shot back to his own side of the road.

Blackmail and cult communication with made porno

As indicated in the previous message, a link to a porn site was forwarded to a number of people in Esther's network of friends. This was a site with short pornographic films about sex with animals, torture sex and more. The apparent aim was to force Esther to alienate her network by publishing 'her' images, as the text of the previous message indicates.

As you can imagine, shame and fear was Esther's first reaction. Because Esther's welfare always comes before proof, I did not look at the site in the first instance. The videos of Esther that were on the site during the first few hours, have only been seen by herself. She tells me that the films begin with a sort of introduction that goes something like this: 'I am here voluntarily, I have chosen for this myself, I am doing this for my work. I am here regularly and found this and that special about making this recording'. Seeing and hearing this made the shame of showing the videos to me disappear.

The next day there was still room to watch the pornosite together. The titles of the films were still there and the starting image, the films themselves no longer. We have registered this. 

However, there appears to be another catch. Last Monday the cult uploaded new footage of Esther. Again it appeared to be links to movies that don't work, in which only the starting image is shown. This is a way of passing codes to her: for example third page, first row, third picture is 313. Behind this is an assignment or memory that triggers some of her personality parts.

Because there are also childporno images on the site, I have reported to the childporno reporting centre that the site has to be removed from the Internet.

First post, 21 February 2021

by Aline Terpstra

This website was almost ready yesterday. That day, Esther had taken the courageous step of breaking off email contact with cult leader H. In the evening I received an email from the cult with three photos of Esther in a tortured position. With the text:

This disgusting whore is not worthy of your help.

all of her dirty tricks I'm throwing out on the street right now

I'm gonna flood the internet with her cunt and tits

I will not stop until you leave her presence.

If not, take a quick look at this site (link to a porn site, removed by me, AT) she is already there.

I'm sure you'll never be able to calm him down.

I'm not taking it off until you confirm you're leaving her.


In the articles about Esther's treatment, I write that I have seen many torture photos of the cult, sent to me by way of threatening mail. In this photo I can see that this is Esther. Hanging from the ceiling by metal shackles, both on her legs and on her wrists.

.... as long as we as a society do not face the truth of this extreme abuse,

.... As long as politicians, media and society do not enforce a fair trial for the girl Lisa, who was killed at 15e was raped in a forest by high-ranking officials, and she gave birth and her baby died.

...until we understand how victims of ritual abuse are coerced into committing horrible crimes... long as victims like Esther are terrified that the perpetrators will be able to forward films and photographs of this to the police and that they will then be convicted while the real perpetrators go free.

Until Esther and I are able to press charges, this injustice will continue.