12 June 2021

Again, on behalf of Minister Grapperhaus an evasive response was given to the fifth letter of the group of mental health care practitioners, see Minister Grapperhaus' response to fifth letter GGZ-treatment group . The response in no way substantively addresses the insistent plea for a truly independent commission organized sadistic abuse.

May 20, 2021

Investigation into LEBZ not independent!

In a letter In a letter to the Dutch Parliament, outgoing Minister Grapperhaus announced that the independent investigation into the 'scientific foundation and vision, role and interpretation of tasks, the unofficial objectives of the LEZ, the working methods and the results of recent years' had been entrusted to the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC). The WODC, which played an extremely dubious role in the investigation into organized sadistic abuse. The WODC, of which it has been established before - see the third letter of the group of practitioners - that they allowed investigations by the Ministry of Justice to be bent in the direction they wanted. 

Once again, therefore, this is not an independent investigation, but an investigation of a police body by an organisation that is closely linked to the judiciary. And that while there are good reasons to take very serious account of the possibility that high-ranking people in, for example, the Justice Department have an interest in the corrupt working methods of the LEBZ. An investigation in which real independence from the judiciary is therefore of the utmost urgency. Once again, the cry for justice is not heard!

Parliamentarians, be our voice and go for real independence!

Readers, call on the parliamentarian(s) of your choice to do so! They need input from us, the citizens!

May 6, 2021

Update on national surveys

The committee appointed by Minister Grapperhaus, consisting of Mr. Hendriks and Ms. Slotboom, has taken its first alarming steps. More about this in the conclusion of the article about the national investigations elsewhere on this website. We call on members of parliament not to agree with this commission and we call on readers to point out their responsibility in this matter!

Nothing has been heard about the second investigation, an independent investigation into the functioning of the LEBZ (on the basis of a motion adopted on 1 November 2020). The Parliamentary Standing Committee of Justice and Security sent a reminder to Minister Dekker on April 14. In the meantime more than 5 months have passed. Going to the police and courts is still pointless for victims of this extreme abuse ...

Don't miss it! Broadcasted by Argos this Saturday 8 May, NPO radio 1, 14:00 hrs.

After Griet op de Beeck told on television that she had been abused by her father, an army of columnists and memory scholars fell over her. None of the critics knew her personally or had researched her story. In any case it has been a successful publicity offensive, in which the idea that people can retrieve memories is unanimously ridiculed'. But what role did the LEBZ play in this?

20 April 2021

Symposium Knowledge Centre: looking back!

Saturday, April 10, the Knowledge Center on Transgenerational Violence held its annual symposium. Through the Knowledge Center you can still participate in the symposium online. And that is recommended for anyone who wants to know more about ritual abuse in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sanne Terlingen clearly explains the careful way in which she and Huub Jaspers shaped the investigation into ritual abuse. This provides more information than the radio documentary 'Shards of glass and dark rituals'. Highly recommended!

The lecture by the Australian criminologist Michael Salter is also worthwhile. Among other things, he discusses the question of what are the sociological 'advantages' of organized abuse for pedosexuals. One of the things he also mentions is that 50% of child pornography worldwideis hosted in the Netherlands. The widespread explanation that the Netherlands has such a good Internet seems to us to be a completely inadequate explanation for these frightening figures.

Documentary 'glass shards and dark rituals' about ritual abuse, nominated for audience award 'de Tegel': cast your vote!

The radio documentary about ritual abuse by Sanne Terlingen and Huub Jaspers has been nominated for the public award De Tegel. Voting for this groundbreaking documentary is a signal that our society wants attention for this horrible abuse. This is desperately needed, now that most media and talk shows largely ignore the extremely shocking revelations made by Argos! Let your voice be heard, via

16 April 2020

Will the commission of inquiry into organised sadistic abuse be truly independent after all?

In response to our fifth letter to the Second Chamber, in which we again call for a truly independent investigative commission into organized sadistic abuse, we received a letter yesterday from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Security. The text of this letter reads:

Your above-mentioned letter has been received and discussed by the Standing Committee on Justice and Security.

The committee has decided that there is information in your letter that can be used during the committee debate on child abuse. The members of the parliament can read your letter in preparation. Members of the House can decide for themselves what they do with the information and how they use it. Possibly this written question round/committee debate will be concluded with a very short plenary debate (two-minute debate).

The committee debate on child abuse is public. You can follow it live on or our app Debat Direct. You can also watch the debate back at

On behalf of the committee, I thank you for sending me your email.'

Inquiries reveal that no date has yet been set for the committee debate. We call upon you, in line with our fourth and fifth letter, to send an e-mail to your favorite member of the Second Chamber, preferably a member of the Parliamentary Committee of Justice and Security. In this mail, you can make clear that it is of the utmost importance that after 25 years of radio silence, there will now be a truly independent investigation, completely independent of guidance or input from Justice.

Parliamentary Committee J&V reports to Minister Dekker on investigation into LEBZ

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Security also reminded Mr. Dekker that the investigation into the LEBZ urgently needs action. There is already 4 months of radio silence.

'In the procedural meeting of the standing committee for Justice and Security of 14 April 2021, it was decided to again request you to inform the House as soon as possible about the planning and implementation of the motion by member Van Nispen c.s. (Parliamentary paper 35349, no. 16) regarding an investigation into the LEBZ. I hereby convey to you the committee's request.

Here, too, it is essential that a committee be set up that is truly independent of the Ministry of Justice from the outset. Outside the normal framework in which committees of this kind usually come about. This time it is not a butcher who inspects his own meat.

Will there be enough political courage to make that happen?