News release, 23 May 2023

You can help by forwarding this message to members of the Christian Union!

Support internal motion on organised sadistic abuse at CU party congress, Note sign up before 29 May!

Ten members of the Christian Union have tabled a motion for the party congress on 3 June next. Among other things, they argue that there should be a "thorough independent investigation ('second opinion') into the nature and extent of organised sadistic abuse of children" because the Hendriks committee's report on the subject is seriously flawed. The motion indicates that it is 'appropriate and highly desirable that the (2e Chamber faction of the) Christian Union takes the lead for this research so that this heinous form of child abuse can be targeted and children and adult survivors can be effectively helped'.

On our websites, including in the news item of 24 February (just scroll through) you can read why Friends of Esthers believes a second opinion is essential. We would therefore urge every member of the Christian Union to support this internal motion!

For more on the horrific reality of organised sadistic abuse, see this website, among others, and More on why independent research is essential, see among others. this letter from a group of 20 mental health practitioners. More on the Hendriks committee's underwhelming report can be read in this letter of the same group of practitioners.


You can vote on this motion at the Christenunie party congress, on 3 June next. You can also participate in this conference online, you will only see this option when you go through the registration process. To vote, you must register your register before 29 May 23.59, after that, registration is still possible but voting is not! Please note that you need to log in to sign up. If you don't have that data (anymore), you will need time to request it again.

An email from the Christian Union about the congress states the following:

'The method of voting is similar to that of previous congresses. But you can now decide when to cast your vote. Voting is open from Tuesday 30 May 13:00 to Saturday 3 June 13:00. To do so, you must register via application form. Thereby choosing to participate in the congress online. Of course, you can also just vote during the congress. Even then you need to register.'

Thanks for your support!

News release 29 April 2023


Last Friday, 28 April, a team member of Friends of Esthers was Guest on 'Featured' programme on the reality behind Walpurgisnacht (the night of 30 April to 1 May) and how victims can be helped. Prayer and genuine relationships are essential in this. Very concretely, in several parts of our country, we are looking for people who want to become network friends of a survivor. It is our desire that this broadcast also inspires people to take a step in this. You can find more information about Walpurgisnacht in our latest prayer letter. 

Appeal to members of the SGP, Christian Union and other political parties.

Unfortunately, only a few MPs responded to the letter from the mental health treatment group. In its letter, this group calls for an independent second-opinion following the Hendriks committee's severely underwhelming report. You can read the reactions of the people's representatives here. The justice and security minister has not yet responded to the letter at all, you can find correspondence on this here. The sense of urgency to save lives seems to be completely lacking. The report is yet to be discussed in the Justice and Security Committee, nor has the cabinet given a written response. It therefore remains very useful to send emails to MPs asking for an independent second opinion. See in our previous news item for practical tips.

We also call on members of the Christian Union and the SGP to ask critical questions at upcoming party congresses about the passive attitude of the party leadership on independent investigations into organised sadistic abuse. It should be top priority of Christian politicians to expose this enslavement of body, soul and spirit! Members and local politicians, use the opportunities you have as a member to forcefully draw attention to the responsibility here for these parties. Even if you don't usually attend party congresses, go now. Someone has to speak for those who have no voice themselves, you too can be that voice!

The party congress of the SGP is on 13 May next, of the Christian Union on 3 June.

We also warmly encourage members of other political parties to ask critical questions. However, CU and SGP, as parties that invoke a loving and just God, should be at the forefront of this.

News release 24 February 2023

'Friends of Esthers' response to Hendriks committee final report

The final report of the commission investigating 'organised sadistic sexual abuse of children' since April 2021 came out on 21 December this year - on literally the darkest day of the year. Our main objection has always been that the commission was not independent, that many survivors were therefore afraid to speak up and that the outcome of the enquiry would therefore be seriously flawed and biased. Our expectation was also that the outcome of the investigation would lag far behind Argos' investigation, while it is desperately needed that much more information about organised sadistic and satanic abuse becomes public. That is why we have spoken out against this committee and warned survivors of its dangers, see our website under 'Hendriks Committee'.

As far as we are concerned, the committee's final report is unfortunately entirely in line with this expectation. The committee only spoke to just over 20 survivors. It mainly describes all kinds of opinions and viewpoints, is, in our opinion, scientifically a mockery and stays away from any sense of urgency or need to recognise and tackle this great injustice at its root. The recommendations are therefore underwhelming and, in our view, even dangerous at points. It seems that with the implementation of some of these recommendations - which we do not expect will make any substantial difference - tempers will be appeased again, as they were in 1994.

A group of GZ therapists and practitioners that includes Aline Terpstra wrote a letter with its own findings and objections, addressed to the House of Representatives. That letter speaks of a "severely underwhelming and half-hearted" report. The group therefore calls for a second opinion. In its view, this can provide a wealth of information on the basis of which recommendations can be made that will make a real difference. 'Friends of Esthers' supports this letter and the call for an independent second opinion. 

Unfortunately, so far only the SGP and the SP have responded to the letter with a general reply. They do not substantively address the urgent plea of the group of GZ practitioners.

State of play in politics

Very little attention has been paid to the committee's report in politics so far. One MP did draw attention to the report in a crystal clear manner, see here his contribution in the House of Representatives on 19 January last. As for the media, the Nederlands Dagblad and NRC, among others, published about it. Advocates KTGG, Spotlight and Foundation Abused! responded extensively to the report, including with appropriate criticism.

It is now up to the Justice Minister (Dilan Yesilgoz) to take follow-up steps, e.g. by adopting the recommendations and implementing them. But first, the Lower House expects a (written) response from the Cabinet. In the permanent Lower House J&V Committee, the report will then be put on the agenda as a sub-topic of a consultation around "Sexual Violence and Child Abuse". Here, follow-up steps will be discussed. No date is yet known for this consultation. In our opinion, a second opinion by a truly independent commission is the essential next step. We sincerely hope that the permanent Lower House J&V Committee will realise this and take action! 


We would therefore like to warmly encourage you as a reader to send an e-mail message yourself to members of parliament, especially those who have Justice and Security in their portfolio. Call on them to push for an independent second opinion investigation into organised sadistic abuse. In doing so, it is helpful to include the 14 objections from the treatment letter read. Those clearly set out what is wrong with the report and why. Hereby a link to sample emails which you can use and go to relevant mail addresses.

We would also like to challenge you to make your political voice heard locally, regionally or provincially - in a way that is possible for you and suits you. This can be done e.g. by posting on social media (e.g. by responding to a post by a local politician), addressing decision-makers in person or influencers or maybe even by standing for election. We can help with sample letters, business cards and other materials.

Help us stand up for children and adults in our Netherlands who suffer daily from horrific sadistic and satanic violence!

News release 31 October 2022


In the last blog post read how Esther recounts her enormous struggle around this kind of cult day. Intended as an encouragement for survivors/victims and as a helping hand for next-of-kin.

News release 8 October 2022

See here for a new interview with Esther and Aline.

Including: explanation of deliberately created DIS, Esther's recovery process, how reporting goes when there are split memories, the inaccessibility of police to victims like Esther, curious commotion in the media following Bessel van der Kolk's statements about repressed memories, the bias of the LEBZ, the state of affairs regarding the non-independent Hendriks committee.

News release 13 June 2022

We regularly receive questions via the contact page about how Esther is doing. In her latest blog, she talks about the great strides she has made in recent months on her road to recovery. A story of deep hope. Personal parts that were still stuck in an automatic reaction to cult offenders, with which she sometimes still endangered herself (e.g. by reflexively opening a door for a certain offender), have been integrated. A big step towards safety. At least, safety within. The cult continues unabated with stalking, car chases (which are sometimes also seen by network friends who drive along) and threatening emails.

News release 7 April 2022

Survivors regularly contact us asking for help. Unfortunately, we have lost contact with one of them, because the person asking for help and the host family have stepped out of contact. We are very sorry about this. We invite those directly involved, who have questions about this, to discuss this with us. We (want to) learn from this situation and will take steps to try to prevent this from happening in the future.

News release 12 March 2022

Letter GGZ treatment group to Hendriks committee

The group of 20 mental health care providers has written a second response to the Hendriks Committee. In it they list seven reasons why they consider it irresponsible to urge survivors to talk to the Hendriks Committee. They also indicate that it is necessary to find other ways that offer opportunities to bring the truth about organised sadistic abuse to the surface. So that law and justice will have the last word in the lives of the victims in our country. You can find the letter here.

News release 5 February 2022

Warning to survivors about talking to the Hendriks Committee

Now that the motion for a truly independent investigation has been rejected, this means that the Hendriks Committee will continue. There is a new tab on the website about this commission. There is a substantiated warning to survivors find out about the risks of talking to this committee and a call from a fellow victim (not Esther) not to talk to this committee. Under the tab 'Hendriks Committee', you can also find a lot of official documents of the committee, such as the establishment decision and the process report, so that the reader can check some of the things mentioned in the warning for himself.

New testimonials from Esther

On a daily basis, Esther is besieged by emails, photos and present cult members around her home, on the road and at work. These triggers are deliberately given by the cult to force parts of her to obey. In her last blog post Esther describes how cult recently managed to trap her in the toilet at work, triggering a piece of trauma that had not yet been processed. This life-and-death struggle forces Esther to face her horrible memories head-on. 

The testimonies of Esther in fragments 10 are about perpetrators who are at the heart of power in this world. I sincerely hope that her voice will be heard by many.

Update on communication with political parties

In the updated article communication with political parties The response of various political parties to our request for talks in the run-up to the now rejected motion is summarised in the following. We invested extra in contact with the CU and SGP, because we had high expectations of them on account of their Biblical foundations. This is always about basic justice for people who are horribly abused. Take note of the communication with them and the choices they made.

Children and DIS

It is very important that we as a society take an interest in children who are trapped in (organised sadistic/satanic) abuse. In the presentation who am i? A colleague (anonymously, name known to us) explains how to recognise DIS and what matters in the treatment. Interesting for anyone who wants to develop antennae to be able to recognise and help these children. A must for every professional who works with children.

News release 8 December 2021

Yesterday, the Lower House rejected the motion calling for an independent investigation into organised sadistic abuse. In the roll-call vote, 104 members voted against and 23 in favour. In an explanation of vote, this was expressed on behalf of GroenLinks, Chistenunie, CDA, PvdD, VVD, SGP, JA21, Volt, PvdA, Bijeen, D66, Den Haan and Omtzigt. In this item It is explained that the reasons they gave for voting against the motion are wrong. Is this stupidity or unwillingness?

News release 2 December 2021

The motion is again postponed, the roll call vote is expected next week.

News release 23 November 2021

Motion for independent investigation

The vote on the motion has been postponed again by Gideon van Meijeren, probably in the week of 29 November. This means there is still time to send an e-mail to the representatives of the people! Call on them to support this motion, which asks for an independent investigation into organised sadistic abuse, separate from justicesupport it wholeheartedly!

News release 22 November 2021

Interview with Esther

Part 1 of an interview with Esther has just gone online. In conversation with Erik van der Horst from Café Weltschmerz, Esther gives us a start of a look into the world of cult, satan worship, sacrifices, production of child pornography, prostitution and blackmail. Watch it, write a reaction if you like and send it on as much as possible! An authentic testimony from a survivor like Esther is the most powerful tool to awaken society to the horrific reality of satanic ritual abuse! Stand beside her in this unequal battle and help her expose the darkness!

Support the Esthers of the Netherlands!

You can help Esther and other Esthers by letting MPs know that you too want an independent investigation into organised sadistic abuse. To make this easier, sample e-mails have been placed on the website, under the tab 'support the new motion! The email addresses of the members of the Lower House can also be found here. 

Interview with Carine Hutsebaut about Dutroux

Weltschmerz interviewed Carine Hutsebaut a year ago. The text under the video says: 'She is specialised in the treatment of victims and perpetrators of child abuse. In 1995, Hutsebaut made the news with her own investigation into the practices of Dutroux, who abducted, tortured, abused and murdered five girls. According to her, the investigation was frustrated because Dutroux was part of an influential network. Since then, nothing surprises me anymore. Everything you can think of, is possible.

News release 16 November 2021

Motion postponed for a week

The vote on Gideon van Meijeren's motion has been postponed for a week, probably due to recent developments. Van Meijeren's motion asks for the dissolution of the current Hendriks committee, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to investigate organised sadistic abuse. The motion also asks for the establishment of a new, independent commission that is not subject to Justice and that observes the preconditions for independence.

Letter Spotlight, Knowledge Centre

Spotlight, a group of survivors of organised abuse, has sent a letter to a number of government officials and to the Lower House, in which they withdraw their confidence in the chairman of the Hendriks Committee.

The KTGG also asked Mr. Hendriks to resign from his position, as he did not have the confidence of the victims. However, the Hendriks Committee has let it be known that the Committee will continue in its current composition.

Open letter to CU and SGP, from more than 20 ministers, pastors and leaders in the Christian Netherlands

In an open letter to the Christenunie and the SGP, more than 20 leaders in the Christian Netherlands call on the Christenunie and the SGP to stick their necks out and vote in favour of the new motion: Separate the investigation from Justice. An article about this appeared in today's Nederlands Dagblad.

30 October 2021

Interview Café Weltschmerz 'Victims deserve independent investigation'

Via this link You can watch the conversation between Erik van der Horst and Aline Terpstra, that was put online by Weltschmerz this morning. It includes an explanation of the origin of DIS and a start of explanation of the origin of programmed DIS. Besides that, it once again substantiates the need for real independent research into organized sadistic abuse.

Your help is needed! Support the need for independent research into organised sadistic abuse! Send an email to your favourite people's representative!

A day in the life of Esther as a child

In preparation for the interview I had with Erik van der Horst - to clarify how and why different parts of the person surface - Esther described an example of a day of her as a child that I could use as an illustration. I have indeed used this in a highly simplified form. Under 'the story of Esther/a day in the life of Esther as a child' you can read the more extensive version, in which you get an impression of the complex and horrible reality of a child with programmed DIS. Much more complex than I could explain in the limited time in the interview.

Invitation Hendriks Committee

Recently, on September 25, the GGZ-treaters group received an invitation from the Hendriks Committee, the committee established by Minister Grapperhaus to investigate organised sadistic abuse. The invitation and the response of the treatment group can be found under the tab 'government, police and justice'. 

Yet a reaction on behalf of Minister Grapperhaus

Although Minister Grapperhaus had indicated in his last e-mail that he would not respond to our e-mails until both investigations (into organised sadistic abuse as well as the LEBZ) had been concluded, we still received a response to our last letter on 30 September with a surprising twist. This can be found under the tab 'government, police and justice'.

21 October 2021

Fire letter and motion for a truly independent commission! Support the motion!

The Hendriks Committee, appointed to investigate organised sadistic ritual abuse, is absolutely not independent of the judiciary and will therefore not be able to bring the truth about sadistic ritual abuse to light. For facts and substantiation, see the updated article on the national investigations.

The treatment group of 20 mental health practitioners in collaboration with the Lisa Foundation against Child Abuse has developed a firebrand written to the Lower House. A motion requesting the government to dissolve the Hendriks Committee and establish a new committee in accordance with the necessary preconditions for independence will be submitted shortly.

Your help is needed! Support the need for independent research into organised sadistic abuse! Send an email to your favourite people's representative!

New on the website

The story of Esther's partner

Esther's partner, who has been faithfully at her side for 7 years, obviously has her own testimony about what she experienced with Esther. And why she knows that Esther's testimony cannot be fabricated. Read it yourself! Also worth reading if you are a partner of someone with DIS.

Further reading and watching

A number of very worthwhile items have been added to 'further reading, listening and watching': an article on DID by scientist Simone Reinders who has been working on this theme for decades: it is undeniable that trauma causes DID, she says. Michael Salter, Australian criminologist speaks out in clear language about the enormous damage that the False Memory Movement has caused. He also states that it is wise for victims not to cooperate with an investigation that has been initiated by the Justice Department. A relatively new radio programme by Argos clearly explains how the CIA's experiments under MKUltra, aimed exactly what we find in survivors of satanic ritual abuse.

Prayer letter no. 1, October 2021

Starting this month, it is our intention to publish a quarterly prayer letter with accurate and up-to-date information on satanic ritual abuse in the Netherlands. If you want to receive this letter by email, please send a message via the contact page.

12 June 2021

Again, on behalf of Minister Grapperhaus an evasive response was given to the fifth letter of the group of mental health care practitioners, see Minister Grapperhaus' response to fifth letter GGZ-treatment group . The response in no way substantively addresses the insistent plea for a truly independent commission organized sadistic abuse.

May 20, 2021

Investigation into LEBZ not independent!

In a letter In a letter to the Dutch Parliament, outgoing Minister Grapperhaus announced that the independent investigation into the 'scientific foundation and vision, role and interpretation of tasks, the unofficial objectives of the LEZ, the working methods and the results of recent years' had been entrusted to the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC). The WODC, which played an extremely dubious role in the investigation into organized sadistic abuse. The WODC, of which it has been established before - see the third letter of the group of practitioners - that they allowed investigations by the Ministry of Justice to be bent in the direction they wanted. 

Once again, therefore, this is not an independent investigation, but an investigation of a police body by an organisation that is closely linked to the judiciary. And that while there are good reasons to take very serious account of the possibility that high-ranking people in, for example, the Justice Department have an interest in the corrupt working methods of the LEBZ. An investigation in which real independence from the judiciary is therefore of the utmost urgency. Once again, the cry for justice is not heard!

Parliamentarians, be our voice and go for real independence!

Readers, call on the parliamentarian(s) of your choice to do so! They need input from us, the citizens!

May 6, 2021

Update on national surveys

The committee appointed by Minister Grapperhaus, consisting of Mr. Hendriks and Ms. Slotboom, has taken its first alarming steps. More about this in the conclusion of the article about the national investigations elsewhere on this website. We call on members of parliament not to agree with this commission and we call on readers to point out their responsibility in this matter!

Nothing has been heard about the second investigation, an independent investigation into the functioning of the LEBZ (on the basis of a motion adopted on 1 November 2020). The Parliamentary Standing Committee of Justice and Security sent a reminder to Minister Dekker on April 14. In the meantime more than 5 months have passed. Going to the police and courts is still pointless for victims of this extreme abuse ...

Don't miss it! Broadcasted by Argos this Saturday 8 May, NPO radio 1, 14:00 hrs.

After Griet op de Beeck told on television that she had been abused by her father, an army of columnists and memory scholars fell over her. None of the critics knew her personally or had researched her story. In any case it has been a successful publicity offensive, in which the idea that people can retrieve memories is unanimously ridiculed'. But what role did the LEBZ play in this?

20 April 2021

Symposium Knowledge Centre: looking back!

Saturday, April 10, the Knowledge Center on Transgenerational Violence held its annual symposium. Through the Knowledge Center you can still participate in the symposium online. And that is recommended for anyone who wants to know more about ritual abuse in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sanne Terlingen clearly explains the careful way in which she and Huub Jaspers shaped the investigation into ritual abuse. This provides more information than the radio documentary 'Shards of glass and dark rituals'. Highly recommended!

The lecture by the Australian criminologist Michael Salter is also worthwhile. Among other things, he discusses the question of what are the sociological 'advantages' of organized abuse for pedosexuals. One of the things he also mentions is that 50% of child pornography worldwideis hosted in the Netherlands. The widespread explanation that the Netherlands has such a good Internet seems to us to be a completely inadequate explanation for these frightening figures.

Documentary 'glass shards and dark rituals' about ritual abuse, nominated for audience award 'de Tegel': cast your vote!

The radio documentary about ritual abuse by Sanne Terlingen and Huub Jaspers has been nominated for the public award De Tegel. Voting for this groundbreaking documentary is a signal that our society wants attention for this horrible abuse. This is desperately needed, now that most media and talk shows largely ignore the extremely shocking revelations made by Argos! Let your voice be heard, via

16 April 2020

Will the commission of inquiry into organised sadistic abuse be truly independent after all?

In response to our fifth letter to the Second Chamber, in which we again call for a truly independent investigative commission into organized sadistic abuse, we received a letter yesterday from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Security. The text of this letter reads:

Your above-mentioned letter has been received and discussed by the Standing Committee on Justice and Security.

The committee has decided that there is information in your letter that can be used during the committee debate on child abuse. The members of the parliament can read your letter in preparation. Members of the House can decide for themselves what they do with the information and how they use it. Possibly this written question round/committee debate will be concluded with a very short plenary debate (two-minute debate).

The committee debate on child abuse is public. You can follow it live on or our app Debat Direct. You can also watch the debate back at

On behalf of the committee, I thank you for sending me your email.'

Inquiries reveal that no date has yet been set for the committee debate. We call upon you, in line with our fourth and fifth letter, to send an e-mail to your favorite member of the Second Chamber, preferably a member of the Parliamentary Committee of Justice and Security. In this mail, you can make clear that it is of the utmost importance that after 25 years of radio silence, there will now be a truly independent investigation, completely independent of guidance or input from Justice.

Parliamentary Committee J&V reports to Minister Dekker on investigation into LEBZ

Yesterday, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Security also reminded Mr. Dekker that the investigation into the LEBZ urgently needs action. There is already 4 months of radio silence.

'In the procedural meeting of the standing committee for Justice and Security of 14 April 2021, it was decided to again request you to inform the House as soon as possible about the planning and implementation of the motion by member Van Nispen c.s. (Parliamentary paper 35349, no. 16) regarding an investigation into the LEBZ. I hereby convey to you the committee's request.

Here, too, it is essential that a committee be set up that is truly independent of the Ministry of Justice from the outset. Outside the normal framework in which committees of this kind usually come about. This time it is not a butcher who inspects his own meat.

Will there be enough political courage to make that happen?